Online Business – High-heeled Sandals, Pumps, Boots, and Wedges

Online Business – High-heeled Sandals, Pumps, Boots, and Wedges

Project Cost: RM100,000

Amount Invested : n/a

Amount Required : n/a

Knowledge / Experience Required: internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor

Industry: informatics / multimedia; internet; consumer goods

Project Stage: concept

Information Memorandum:

The idea of selling ultra high sandals, pumps, boots, and wedges (manufactured and imported from China) through an online shoe boutique came about when the Founder, myself, would often feel “invisible”, “intimidated” and “insecure” being around towering girl friends. To ensure that I was not alone, I caught myself casually asking several “closer-to-the-ground” ladies on different occasions and turned out we all agree that high-heeled shoes (read: 5 inches and above) give us overflowing confidence, favorable attention, and a sense of power and control that we could take over the world!

Many would agree that elegant and stylish high heels at brick-and-mortar stores may cost them a fortune. Based on the feedback from the survey I conducted, they would welcome an online shoe boutique that will not only sell high-heeled shoes, but also feature a Blog section where shoe-and foot-related articles (e.g.: how to walk in high heels; how to care for the shoes; foot spa centre reviews, etc.) are published on a frequent basis. It dawned upon me that these women crave for knowledge, and in this Information Age, people seek the Internet to find solutions to their problems. This is where I find that I can add value to customers. This is where I build relationship with them, going beyond the buyer-seller relationship and being the authority in the women footwear industry.

Branding, advertising, and marketing plans will be executed purely online. I will take fully advantage of the website and various social networking and social bookmarking sites. Social media play important roles in driving traffic to the website, and having experience was a writer, I will choose the right keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success. Once the brand is established, I will let the website earn income by subscribing to Google AdSense and several affiliate programs.

This online shoe business will be a good investment because internet marketing goes beyond geographical boundaries. Customers can be from anywhere, and they can shop anytime and at their own convenience. There are many ways to drive traffic to the website and entice the customers to do online shopping. In the future, I plan to design my own collection of high-heeled shoes.

Contact Information

Nadia Ahmad Kamal (

Mobile: 0192345775