Home-Based Business Ideas: Be Your Own Boss

Home-Based Business Ideas: Be Your Own Boss

This past week I have been catching up on reading all the “fun” stuff related to running a business. Subjects like organizing accounting and paperwork, having a winning business plan, financial statements, and marketing. It’s enough to put me to sleep, even if it is very important. I have become convinced businesses fail for a couple of simple reasons:

1. The owner didn’t have a business plan.
2. The owner didn’t understand the business wasn’t viable shouldn’t have been started in the first place.
3. The owner doesn’t care about or tend to necessary accounting and financial statements.
4. A business was started without the owner liking that line of work. It was started strictly for desired financial return.

Okay, that’s my two cents on the subject.

As I was reading away I came across a Top Ten Home-Based Businesses List. I thought it was great. These business ideas are geared to the busy home-based people. With some of these businesses you need to live in a nice sized city or metro area for it to be worth your time and energy. I changed business ideas and Jennifer’s List was created!

1. Web Design
2. Software programs education service
3. Office services for editing, data entry, and research
4. Personal Fitness coach
5. Home delivery shopping service
6. Goefer (errands, after school babysitting, chauffer for elderly)
7. Declutterer, organizer, house cleaner
8. Mobile automotive mechanic and car detailer
9. Traveling Hairdressing and beauty needs
10. Personal Chef and Meal Delivery service

You can really get creative with putting together business ideas. Several of these can be combined into one business. A business could offer home delivery shopping service, Gofer, and a meal delivery service all rolled into one. Another idea is to think of the needs of the elderly. You can combine errands, chauffer (Dr. appointments) preparing meals, delivering meals, helping in the mornings with light housekeeping and giving medications, feeding the dog, and more!

For all of the beauticians out there. Do you know how many elderly women there are who want their hair perm but don’t feel up to coming into a beauty parlor? I have assisted several elderly women, and 1 women who was terminally ill, who were in this predicament. I don’t know what the laws in your city or state would be concerning this. It may be worth looking into.

I have a lot of ideas for businesses. Thankfully I enjoy the one I have already! There are so many businesses your children can start too. I had a business when I was 7 that was open for one day. I sold Wooly Caterpillars. Yes, you did read that correctly. I lived in a neighborhood with a lot of young children. The sides of our house became home to a number of wooly caterpillars for one day. I told the neighborhood children I was selling Wooly Caterpillars for .10 a piece. I made .20 that day. My customers consisted of one young friend and 1 amused adult neighbor. From that humble (and goofy) beginning I had a lawn mowing business with my brother. We bagged leaves in the fall. Your children can bake bread and cookies for church, neighbors, or a parent’s co-workers. Older teens can help mothers and the elderly. The ideas are endless. So sit down with a piece of paper and discover your strengths and abilities. Then brainstorm from there. Have fun!

By Jennifer Dean