Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested NA
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We introduce reliable and affordable advertising services through outdoor and indoor billboards, meeting consumers’ requirements, provided with interactive digital form and static as opposed to a mass of static billboards being erected unoccupied and not delivering clear messages and hence, polluting people’s views as of nowadays.
Business Opportunity We came up with an innovative idea in providing consumer advertising convenience in displayed contents and motions to advertised companies. This allows not only interactive displayed messages attracting potential eyeballs, but also given alternatives in advertising contents creatively similarly to TV advertising. This would basically solve business problems such as not having enough attention paid to the displayed contents.

We have engaged a few designated suppliers in delivering best quality assured billboards to give consumers a confidence and a leap of faith to advertise digitally and more effectively. We are currently on hold of the products deliverance as we have not got enough fund to purchase to which brought me to requesting for funding, networking and mentoring assistance from investors.

Of some observations and statistics, proven that advertising business gains profitable challenges and outcomes accordingly. To sweeten the deal, as witnessing that companies develop on a big scale be it production based, other offered services which put advertising outdoor and indoor modes as their biggest marketing chase.

To support the former, advertising business continuously develops, influenced by the environment change and updated trends and needs.

Revenue / Business Model This business will profit huge as consumers, on average pay RM 10,000 and more for 1 ad space of a billboard regardless of the board size, as the main concerns put on potential eyeballs passing by the targeted area and to deliver the message clearly and publicly.

Our billboards can fit up to more than 10 companies which gives a forecast profit of at least RM 1 million annually and narrowing down to more than RM 50,000 on monthly basis.

With promising ideas gathered and marketing catches acquired, expected 2nd year profit of at least RM 2 million annually and narrowing down to more than RM 100,000 on monthly basis.

Management Team This company is led by 4 key members;

– Azril (Business Developments/Financial)
– Daniel (Logistics)
– Zack (Management/Operation)
– Saffwan (Marketing/Communication)

Company Background Our company is established in October 2017 by SSM and we have been gathering relevant info, studied on the business and products for about 6 months.

We have completed our business plan for perusal and ready to fully function effectively on August 2017 onward.

We have also engaged a few premises for two way acknowledgements and interests and responses received are workable.

We have also listed targeted clients and have been in contact with a few of them for acknowledgements and interests.

Funding Milestone Requested Funding
RM 110,000.00
Funding’s High Level Breakdown
Inventory: RM 15,000.00
-includes other expenses to be listed upon further discussions-
% Equity Allocation 25%-30%
Expected ROI 1 year
Risks and Mitigation There are no risks to this business other than to locations being strategic/non-strategic for publishing and being in accordance to consumers’ demands.

We have also accumulated a few strategies for customer retention and our main value is to deliver good quality products, simply by ensuring products delivered are in accordance to our needs.

Exit Strategies 25%-30% of annual profit to be distributed to the investor and within a year, we will discuss on management buyout within that period at a fair market valuation.

Further discussions are arrangeable.

Company Name EEL LED Enterprise
Business Address Subang Jaya
Contact Person Azril
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