Project Cost: RM250 Million

Amount Invested : RM25,000

Amount Required : RM10 million

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant
others (share holder)

others (Automotive Green Technology)

Project Stage:


Company History:
We want ti make Malaysia’s 1st Hybrid Supercar. We have the technology and a very professional team ready on it. production License and all contacts will be no problem. we need the start up fund and are willing to offer shares to the funder as our collateral.

Product / Service Description:
Hybrid performance Super car concepts, world class perfoamnce and design but at an affordable price. Low volume 300 to 3000 per annum.

Business Opportunity:
Malaysia is far behind in Automotive than other countries and in Green Technology also we are lagging. we have the resources and technology to overcome this. we need the small fund to start and the rest will be from international investors.

Revenue Model: details will be given privately

Management Team: we have the most professional team appointed. details will be given privately

Current Status: we are at concept stage and seeking the start up funds to proceed immediately.

Funding Milestone: the amount we need is to start our project bases and prepare the plan for the actual main investment and loan to be achieved. we need the RM10Killion toi start.

Business Valuation: 15% full shares and they will have up to two people in our BOD.

Expected Return On Investment: 17% per annum. we can repay the loan after one year.

Points to Note:

Our sport or super performance car project will undergo three (3) phases i.e. sport, luxury sport and small hybrid car. The project implementation will take two (2) to four (4) years and will cost USD 198 million. The project 5 years ROI is about 17%.

For phase 1 either sport or luxury sport, the model will be developed with 5.0L, V8, 550 HP power- train and platform either from Ford or BMW to match Lamborghini and Ferrari model with one third of its selling prices. The overall investment cost in Malaysia is about USD 65 million for 17 months lead time to market the car for a volume 3,000 units within 5 years.

The target market is mainly young executive whom enthusiasm with sport car in ASEAN, Australia, GCC, Europe, China and USA. Hybrid variant will be developed to cater Government green program with exchange of attractive development grant and tax incentive etc.

As soon as the brand of this car established, the support from Malaysian government and technology provider, bankers and customers will encourage the project to proceed with 2nd phase.

The design, development and manufacturing will be done in Malaysia under strictly supervise by four (4) expatriate or expert from Italy, Germany and Australia. Most of crucial components will be procured on the shelf from US, Canada, Sweden, Italy etc.

Prior to approval of loan from commercial bank and government, the project team needs an initial investment amounting to USD 10 million. This initial investment will be used for company registration, design office and production of five (5) to seven (7) running units for evaluation, testing and marketing within 1st eight (8) months of operation.

Therefore, the team wish to offer an opportunity to invest USD 10 million or more to interested party for the project. They will be allowed to take equivalent share in the company. As collateral, the investor will allow to own all vehicles and design (IPR) basic facilities at the end of 1st 8 month. The value of model, running car, platform and IPR will exceed USD 15 million.

The investor will have a choice or right to assemble or distribute this car in their home country. Also an opportunity to work with government of Malaysia to expand our national automotive market in strategic export market. The company will be chaired by one of king (Sultan) closed family to give forefront advantage in the government privilege list.

In addition to this, the investor will have opportunity to invest in High Technology Company who involve in the parts development in Sweden or America such as hybrid or Electric Vehicle Company.

* Full Business Plan Ready


Joseph Ebrahmian (
Company Name: VALENTE Automobile
Postal Address : TBC
State : Selangor
Post Code : na
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : na
Website : na
Mobile: 0122828481


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