Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested MYR 30,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description A trading business specialises in the importing and exporting of raw agriculture goods. Eg: Spices, Beans , Pulses, Nuts and others.
To be supplied to manufactures,wholesalers,air line catering companies and many others.
Also in to re-packing of raw materials to be supplied to smaller markets but with high volume, such as retail stores , convience outlets and others.
Business Opportunity With over 13 years of experience in the food industry, including of setting up a full running scale production line, i have tremendously gained full knowledge in this business.
Being aware of the large conpetitors who has been in the industry for generations, aware of their selling price,market penetration and customers but still being able to penetrate the market with a very healthy profit. This is able to be done so, as i am aware of where,when,how and who to purchase the raw materials from and also implementing cost cutting measures. Country of origins in purchasing the raw materials are India,Vietnam,Indonesia,Sri Lanka,China,Sarawak.

The markets to be supplied with the products are not limited to certain ages,group or culture, as all these raw materials are being used by everyone in the preprations of meals. Customers are Multi National companies, food manufactures, whole salers, Airline caterers , hotels, restaurants and many others.
I do have contact’s of customers in various countries who are in need of these products and we are able to compete in the market with a very competitive pricings.
Profit gains are around 10%-50% depends on products supplied.

I currently do have waiting customers that are ready to purchase all these products.
My difficulty is in the start up cost for purchasing of raw materials up-front before supplying them to the customers.

Revenue / Business Model A very straight forward busines process that does not require large machineries , complex manfacturing process or a large number of head-count. As all goods would be imported in and supplied to customers in Malaysia.
A simple packing machine would be required , to re-pack of products to be sold in consumer packings.
Management Team Currently i am the sole team for the business, but would need to employ sales personal, admin and accounts staff for the business.
Company Background Started in year 2015 . All extra informations would be shared personally with interested investor
Funding Milestone MYR 350,000.00
To purchase raw material goods, salaries , sales lorry.
Packaging Machine: To-repack products into smaller packaging for consumer size ( 150GM- 1KG )
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 1 Year
Risks and Mitigation Mild risk is from the products that are received are not of fresh stock, thus resulting in lower quality.
holding too much of stock up-front.

These are the usual risk, but with the knowledge and experience that i hold, risk factor would be reduced tremendously.

Exit Strategies To be personally discussed with Investor
Company Name Infinite Agro
Business Address No 17, Tingkat 1 Jalan Besar Taman Tangling Jaya 14100 Simpang Ampat Pulau Pinang
Contact Person Ramen Raj