My company has signed with Scantech France on sole distributor for its Gauging X-ray systems in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. We are currently setting up the Malaysia office and we plan to find an investor to help us to do a JV or setup an Office in Indonesia and Thailand. This Product is a Scanner that uses X-ray technology to measure the thickness or weight of a flat web products (thin films, glass, rubber, paper, metals) Most competitors product is wholly own by the company itself (eg. honeywell, ABB, EGS, NDC) we manage to find this product and able to tie up with them. I am in this industry for 8 years and have a working experience of 12 years…..

I have been working in the engineering line for almost 13 years and been doing Gauging Systems for 8 years. I manage to get a sole distributor for a French Gauging System (Scantech) for Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

In this Industry i am selling, marketing, servicing and consultancy to a wide range of industries. This Gauging system is able to measure the thickness or weight of a web film production. Obviously this gauging system that i carry has its potential from its technology, safety and lower pricing compare to the other competitors.

Most competitors of this gauging systems are wholly owned by the company itself and does not have any distributorship in this region.

We are in the process of establishing the Malaysia company and working towards getting startup grants. I am currently a Director of a company that provide Servicing, spare parts and consultancy (process) on gauging systems (Honeywell Measurex).

We are looking for an investor to help us so that we can set up operations business in Indonesia and Thailand. The market for this gauging systems are still in a very much need in the industry it serve. Upgrades, Line expansion and new system production line are a very much ongoing solutions in manufacturing even though of the economy slow down

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