Intelligent Capital Sdn Bhd

Intelligent Capital Sdn Bhd

Intelligent Capital is a pioneer Malaysian private equity and venture capital investor. Established in 2000, it is the first Malaysian private equity and venture capital firm that successfully raised 100% of its funds from private individuals and corporations.


Intelligent Capital invest in companies in the Asia-Pacific Region that require growth capital to adopt new technology or companies that can take advantage of industries that are consolidating. We seldom provide seed funding and typically invests in both early and later stage companies. In order to bring greater understanding, experience and contribution to Intelligent Capital’s portfolio companies we focus exclusively on 3 sectors;

Advanced Manufacturing | Communications | Outsourced and Transition Services

By focusing, we believe we can contribute more deeply to the development of winning companies. Our contributions extend well beyond financing and include strategic guidance, recruiting business development and partnering.

Venture Development & Partnering

Relationships with the right strategic partners are critical to a new or growing company’s success. Intelligent Capital’s focused experience and network allows us to contribute substantially to this dimension of our portfolio’s companies’ development.

Commitment to Winning

Intelligent Capital’s relationship with the Entrepreneur is built on a shared commitment to excellence, a common culture that has led to an unusually high proportion of successful ventures in established venture firms. Indeed, a major source our satisfaction is our working relationship with Entrepreneurs who have the character and ambition needed to build world-class companies.

How We Invest

Our unique approach is our integrated, research-driven approach which is supported by top investment professionals. We achieve broad domain expertise by combining a private company focus with public equity analysis. Relative to traditional approaches, this approach enables Intelligent Capital to add unique value as an investor through;

Superior industry expertise
Broader and deeper network of industry contacts
Deeper understanding of institutional investor community
A longer-term perspective on company development – well beyond IPO

Frequently, we are the lead investor to our portfolio companies. In some cases we are the sole venture investor or we may join other venture capital firms, corporate partners and/or founding investors.

Deep Portfolio Company Involvement

Intelligent Capital brings expertise in technical, managerial and strategic issues directly through our investment professionals. These include Principals and Analysts with years of experience, technology partners with specialized knowledge and Advisors with backgrounds that orient them to helping to build portfolio companies rather than chasing the next deal.

We help companies establish highly profitable leadership positions in growing markets. Intelligent Capital works closely with its portfolio companies in many areas including;

Business model
Sales and marketing
Corporate development

We build relationships between portfolio companies with their customers, partners and analysts. We welcome lively and challenging discussions throughout and beyond the whole of the investment lifecycle.

Typical Instruments

Typical Intelligent Capital investments will take the form of the following instruments;

Convertible preferred shares
Convertible debt

Timeframe Of Investments

Typically, we seek to exit an investment within 5-7 years of our initial investment. However, that does not mean that we take a short-term view of investments. Our approach is to help build companies and any exit strategy will always take that perspective into consideration.

Exit Strategy

Our major emphasis is on capital gains. We seek capital gains through the sale or public offering of the portfolio company.