Private College Licensed by Ministry of Higher Education

Private College Licensed by Ministry of Higher Education

xxx International College, wholly owned by xxxx Academy Sdn Bhd is looking for JV and/or VC funding to expand the business.

A) Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) Provisional Accreditation :
1. ACCA students : 1100 local and 20 international. Total 1120.
2. Diploma In Business Administration : 5 local and 65 international. Total 70.
3. Diploma in Accountancy. New program approved.
4. Certificate in Business Administration. New program approved.
5. Certificate in English. New program approved.
6. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, awarded by BBBulacan State University, Philippine.
B) ACCA UK Gold Status provider.

C) Association of Business Executive, UK accredited centre.

D) Campus : 21,000sf (3 floors) at KL City Centre. Newly renovated and new complete furniture and fitting.

E) With Kementerian Dalam Negeri License (KDN) to recruit International Students.

F) With PTPTN funding. Currently programs in PTPTN system are Diploma in Accountancy (RM16,000), Diploma in Business Administration (RM20,000) and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (RM48,000).

G) Diploma in Business Administration with MQA Full Accreditation. ACCA pending MQA Full Accreditation visit.

H) No Liability.



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