Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM500,000
Funding Required RM3,000,001 to RM4,000,000
Description We are an healthy ice cream store located in East Malaysia. As forecasting the healthy treat is expanding, we are seeking serious investor on it. Do let us know if you are interested on it. Our ice cream are high in protein, low fat, low carb, low calories and the most important is NO ADDED SUGAR. It’s suitable for all kind of people including diabetes patient.
Business Opportunity through the pass, we had given out free ice cream to Cancer patient as well. As you know that cancer patient cannot consume ice cream which related to egg. But our ice cream had been approved by doctors and can be consumed by them. As we do not use any egg on it. We use whey powder to replace the traditional egg ice cream.
Revenue / Business Model Healthy ice cream now is expanding in the Europe Countries. Slowly it will came to Asia. As now still do not have people doing it, we are in the blue ocean. People have not tap into this business yet but some are importing it in as far as from the US. Imagine that Malaysia has alone of 3 million diabetes patient, if we can tap into this market by only 75% plus all the kids and adults. The market is there.
Management Team We are in a team of 4 now on board. Plus with the staff and investor there are totally around 10 over staff.
Company Background We started our business on the year of 2016. Now looking to expand to West Malaysia.
Funding Milestone Proposing using the next fund to operate a factory and produce kind of ice cream out to the market. In a big and large form.
% Equity Allocation 20
Risks and Mitigation As mentioned earlier, this market in Asia now is still on the blue ocean. Once we can tap into it, there will be full of opportunities. But there will be risk too. Will try to find something which is suitable for all kinds of person.
Company Name xxxx (M) sdn bhd
Website/Facebook xxx
Business Address Kuching, Malaysia
Contact Person Jong
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