High Growth Malay Authentic Food Restaurant at International Premium Outlet

High Growth Malay Authentic Food Restaurant at International Premium Outlet

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM2.5 million
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description HIDANG is a Malay traditional concept dining restaurant. Hidang is currently operating its full-fledged restaurant at Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA, Malaysia. The premium outlet mall is being the nearest premium outlet mall to Klang Valley and located at the prime location nearby Kuala Lumpur International Airports which is the main gateway to Malaysia.

The restaurant served an authentic Malay cuisine. The brand name been created for xxxx Sdn. Bhd. The dishes that we serve are inherited from our ancestors for generations and then been altered or translated by our experienced chef to suit current style. Most of our Signature Dishes are selected from the Malay favorite dishes from various states in Malaysia.

To further stimulate the appetite of HIDANG’s guests, we bring back the traditional heritage of Malay kampung (village) style – the ambiance and the feel that distinctly HIDANG. We adopted elements from Malay houses with wooden craft and traditional Malay windows adorning the walls. Complete with a set of “Tangga Melaka” (traditional staircase) and a deck for guest to experience eating while “bersila” – which means sitting cross-legged, Hidang truly captures and brought forward a true Malay experience to diners.

Having presence at international level shopping mall such as Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA, based on company F&B business master plan, we are planning to expend our brand to international destination such as London and Australia in near future.

Business Opportunity The traditional Malay concept dining in Malaysian market is yet to be exploiting aggressively. Although it is supposed to be the culture of Malaysia yet not many company able to deliver this authentic concept within the mall environment. In local Malaysian business environment, most of the authentic Malay restaurants are normally owned by well-known or celebrity chef in Malaysia. The demand is very high, yet the cooking method makes many entrepreneurs not be able to deliver the authentic Malay quality of food. At Hidang, our Executive Chef and other kitchen crew are well equipped with the skills. Looking at our current demand where, many local and international target market are hunger for Authentic Malay Cuisine. This is proven from our experience in our current operation, where most of our customers are from Local market and they are converted to become loyal customers to us. The beauty of the business, we are becoming the attraction for many travel agencies to bring their customers to dine at our restaurant. The main factor is because of the Hidang being a one stop center for dine and to show the element of Malay Culture. We are basically working hard in exposing Hidang to local and also international market at Malaysia. We had been featured in local newspapers and magazine.

At the same time we are also introducing the delivery concept where we have started to deliver our authentic Malay dishes in “Hidang Bento”style. Currently we are focusing on Airport Community which housing approximately 14,000 employees and shall expending to nearby township such as Nilai, Sepang, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. The market is extremely huge and highly potential.

Looking at our company business master plan, we are planning to expend Hidang at international destination such as London and Australia. We are choosing these two destinations due to super high demand on authentic Malay food. There are many initiatives had been done by the government to market and introduce Malay Food at international destination such as London. Malaysia Kitchen is one of the most successful programs organized by Malaysia Government in bringing Malaysian food to the world. We could also see a lot of Malaysian taste restaurant had been successful in Australia. These are simple business case study that we took when we develop our business masterplan. We would like to bring Malay food and showcase the culture to the world.

At the same time, this plan shall also linked with our another business related to the travel industry under “ xxxTravel”. This shall provide affordable and good deal price for travel needs such as accommodation, flight tickets, cruise fare, ground service and many more.


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