The word “AtaPlus” means for us to participate in an active and extended strategic alliance manner.

Being one of Malaysia’s first Online Equity Crowdfunding platform, we are proud proponent for democratisation of wealth and financial inclusion in the ‘new economy’. We believe that matching capital with exciting businesses has a far reaching productive social and economical outcomes.

Our strength lies in a comprehensive networks of players and communities that together, builds the ATA PLUS ecosystem. The ecosystem is designed to help partnership between investors and entrepreneurs in lowering the barriers for both to move forward. Investors can leverage on this ecosystem to manage risk in supporting sustainable business, thus putting everyone at a ‘plus’!

We are part of the crowdfunding ecosystem that is driven by communities seeking to democratize wealth and bring capital to a productive outcome. This is done by encouraging risk-sharing and enhancing financial inclusion of those with savings. The model therefore will not only bring wider business access to financing, but also to stimulate positive social benefits through entrepreneurship.