Crowdo is Southeast Asia’s biggest crowdfunding company with a mission to empower Innovators and Entrepreneurs in Asia. We are leading the way in Asia with a comprehensive portfolio of Finance 2.0 solutions and services. Our team of Financial-Technology professionals offers our clients and partners more than 30 years of combined management experience in the finance, technology and innovation space with backgrounds from world-class professional firms, corporations and financial institutions.

We also work with large corporations to implement their innovation agendas and to access financial, relationship and knowledge capital by harnessing the power of the crowd. Our clients range from start-ups to large scale Hi-tech companies to global social organizations.

Crowdo is internationally recognised as a leading brand within the industry in Asia and enjoyed extensive coverage in both regional (Straits Times, Business Times, #edGY), international media (Bloomberg, CNN Money, Tech Crunch) as well as TV (BBC News, Channel News Asia).


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