pitchIN will bring the best of Malaysian companies onto the equity crowdfunding platform. We will be discerning in our approach to listing companies, always seeking to source out great investing opportunities.

pitchIN has strong partnerships established with agencies that matter. Cradle Fund is our equity crowdfunding platform partner. We have also relationships with Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) and others.

pitchIN is also well connected within the startup community. We have close ties with leading accelerators, incubators, universities and startup groups. The pitchIN founders have the right mix of startup connectors and financial services experts. We know both sides of the business


Equity crowdfunding is an online service for entrepreneurs to raise capital for their business ventures from investors. The companies are listed on the platform along with details of the companies, the amount of capital sought and the shares being offered. Investors have transparent access to evaluate and take up stakes in the venture. The nature of equity crowdfunding uses the wisdom of the crowd to source out best investment opportunities.


Equity crowdfunding enables investors to discover great new startups. This new method of raising capital opens up ground floor investing opportunities that were previously accessible only to industry insiders. Investors leverage on the power of the crowd to take stakes in new businesses alongside established business angel and sophisticated investors.


Equity crowdfunding is an efficient way to raise capital for entrepreneurs. Traditional funding avenues tend to be bureaucratic and not favourable to early stage companies. Equity crowdfunding campaigns reach a widespread number of investors; increasing the possibility that entrepreneurs will connect with suitable investors.