is an equity crowdfunding platform backed by Netrove Ventures Group, a regional tech-based venture capital firm and Propellar Corporation Ltd, an equity crowdfunding operator based out of Hong Kong.

Leveraging on a tried and tested deal sourcing and selection process that will enhance the quality of deals presented to the crowd for equity funding, our platform also launches our unique “QMI” feature that will bring to play qualified mentors and investors across the region to achieve greater value creation and enhance success for companies funded through

Using Malaysia as the equity crowdfunding hub for ASEAN, will collaborate with various government agencies in Malaysia and the region and tap into various early-stage incubators and investing networking groups across the region to build an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to be mixing with the “right crowd”.


If you are a start-up, early and growth- stage business but lack funding, help your venture take flight with equity crowdfunding. It is an innovative way to engage with an investor community in one place and raise capital efficiently.

Access to capital: You don’t have to rely on a bank. Instead, you raise funds for your business through a large pool of people

Harness “crowd” power: Gain access to a community of peers and mentors with the necessary business savvy and know-how to clue you in on how to turbo-charge your venture, and elevate it to greater heights. The crowd also doubles up as a built-in vetting system that can weed out weak investments or actively promote strong ones.

Simplicity: Raise funds quickly and easily. Application is done online and any start-up , early and growth- stage company can raise funds without restriction.

Visibility for your venture: Generate buzz and widespread media coverage via a successful crowdfunding campaign.


1. Sign Up: Sign up as a user – it is quick and free.

2. Browse offers and invest: View the offers available and click “Invest” to make an investment.

3. Verification:We conduct background checks and our “Know Your Client” procedure on investors. Upon completion if your application is successful, you will be notified of your acceptance.

4. Transfer of funds: Transfer funds to our trust account to secure your investment. A 6 business-days cooling off period commences once funds are transferred.

5. You are now a shareholder: If your offer is successful, the agreement and share certificates will be sent to you. Otherwise, your funds will be returned to you. Acceptance as a shareholder also allows you access to our website for continuous monitoring and updates.


Invest in the Best: We screen and review businesses who apply to us to ensure that they are viable, appropriate and engaging. This allows us to select quality businesses.

Affordable: With a minimum investment of as low as RM500 almost anyone can invest. Investors do not incur a fee for investing as it is done online.

Risk Management: Investing in businesses listed online is risky. We properly manage the risk through our strong controls, including detailed due diligence and our “Know Your Client” procedure.

Investor Protection: Investors are further protected by our professional-grade shareholder agreements.

Ongoing investor relations: Connect and interact with businesses easily through our platform. Investors can also get regular updates and continuous disclosure from them.