The Green Technology Financing Scheme exists to help incorporating green technology elements in specific project related to the identified sectors.

These projects must be located within Malaysia, utilising local and/or imported technology. Private companies that could benefit from this financing scheme are PRODUCER or USER of green technology products or systems. GTFS for PRODUCER or USER category shall be as follows:

What technology can be funded?

Funding will be provided for any project that qualify the PFI requirements and meets green technology project criteria under GTFS program. Evidences of proven business model and technology may be required to ensure that only viable projects will be funded.

General Criteria
All products, equipment and systems which satisfy the following criteria:-

  • Minimize degradation of environment;
  • Zero or low green house gas emission;
  • Safe for use and promotes healthy and improved environment for inhabitants;
  • Conserve the use of energy and natural resources;
  • and Promote the use of renewable energy resources.

Financing size

Maximum: RM50 million per company

Maximum: RM10 million per company