Approximately 62,000 acres of iron ore mine land. We are not expecting one investor to take up the entire land but at least a minimum of 1000 acres. We have 2 nearby ports for logistic purpose. Interested investors have to do their own exploration in the land that we will provide.


1. For 1000acres, estimated deposit is around 20million metric tonnes to 100million metric tonnes and its gona be surface mining.

2. Estimated grade is around 57 to 62.

3. Expecting a JV venture, where we will come out with the land and the investor to come out with the financial investment to operate the mine. The proposed JV share ratio will be 51% for the investor and 49% for the state government.

4. If the investor is not keen for JV, they can operate the iron ore mine by themselves 100% but some sort of profit sharing have to be agreed which is subject to negotiation.

5. The Geologist or COA ( Certificate of Analysis ) report is not available for the land as its still a virgin land with iron ore deposits. I sincerely advice you to bring your own geologist and do your own exploration to get a genuine result.

6. For 1000acres, the initial exploration work where rental of machinery needed and that will cost you approximately RM300k to RM500K. Secondly, approximately RM10 million to RM15 million over a period of 3 to 6 months during mining operation depending on the size of the operation. You will get a break even after a maximum of 7 to 10 months with a minimum production of 20k metrics ton per month.

7. What i have sent you is just a summary but document evidence will be presented in the meeting session if the investor is really keen to proceed. The documents are confidential in nature hence we will arrange a meeting session to table it.

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