Is it Possible to Start a Free Home Based Business?

Is it Possible to Start a Free Home Based Business?

When going to find a job, typically you do not look for something that requires you to pay to make money. While the internet does offer tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs to pursue, many options do require you to pay some kind of start up fee. However, it is possible to start a home based business for very little.

It is virtually impossible to start an actual free home based business because of a few costs. The first cost you will face is finding a domain name. Purchasing a domain name is extremely cheap and can sometimes even be found for free within a package deal. You can find domain names as low as $1.99 at

The other fee you will face is purchasing a hosting company. The hosting company is what keeps your web site up and running. While you do not necessarily want to go cheap on the hosting company you choose, because you do need a reliable host, there are some reputable companies that are fairly cheap.

One of the better companies to choose from is HostGator, as they currently provide hosting for over 700,000 web sites. Not only are they used by many internet marketers, but it is also just $4.95 per month. Some other popular hosting companies to look into include HostMonster, VistaPages and InMotion.

These are the only two charges you absolutely can not get around if you are starting a home based business. Aside from that, there are no other charges you will face. So while it is impossible to start a free home-based business, you can start one for fairly cheap.

Anything else you pay for is strictly up to you. Many people pay for advertising to generate traffic to their web site quicker, such as Google AdWords or ezine marketing. While you can promote your site for free through forums and writing articles, it can be quicker to pay for advertising. There are various forms of paid advertising you can do such as those mentioned above but you might want to research these first.

When starting a business you will find that everything is done by you. The marketing, writing and web site design is handled by you. Sometimes people do pay professionals to handle some of these aspects for them. If you are not the strongest writer, there are companies you can contact to ghost write articles or software products such as ebooks for you. If you do not know how to build a web site all that well, there are also professionals you can hire.

It takes a lot of work to start a business and get it up and running. While the only two fees you cannot get around are domain names and hosting, there are other fees you can opt to pay for to enhance your web site. But it is up to you how far away from starting a free home based business you want to go.

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By Kerenza Faram