Why Ithmar

Ithmar brings together a set of unique core competencies that makes it a very distinctive private equity player in the region.

It has key alliances locally and internationally that have a considerable impact in enhancing its deal flow as well as extending its regional and global connectivity.

On the other hand, Ithmar’s partnership with a number of strategic GCC based institutions and high net-worth investors with very strong industrial credibility and reputation, provides Ithmar with access to high quality proprietary deal flow in addition to regional market intelligence. These alliances form a significant competitive advantage in terms of investment advice, best in class corporate governance and proprietary deal flow.


Ithmar Capital has developed a unique, robust and disciplined investment process which includes active deal sourcing, rigorous deal evaluation, creative structuring, consistent negotiation of the best possible terms, diligent post acquisition monitoring and the effective and continuous formulation of the most appropriate exit strategy.

The investment approach will emphasize a careful evaluation of each opportunity taking into account the following criteria:

Ithmar looks for businesses that need the combination of expertise and capital that it can provide. The key to Ithmar’s approach is in understanding the business in which it invests. Members of the team always investigate a new investment opportunity thoroughly, seeking to understand the potential for value creation.

Ithmar Capital will look to only invest in companies with excellent management teams and bias will be given to companies with positive cash flows.


Given the market dynamics of the target investment region, generally, Ithmar’s focus is more opportunistic driven, based on a clear investment criterion, rather than a specific sector focus.

This said, preference will be given to those sectors which have traditionally demonstrated high growth potential in the region, and where the team believes attractive capital appreciation opportunities will be provided going forward. These sectors include logistics & Distribution, Consumer-related Retail and Franchising, Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, Media,Communication, Oil and gas, water desalination.


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