Project Cost: RM600,000

Amount Invested : RM0.00

Amount Required : RM600,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia
consumer goods

Project Stage: concept


Company Description and Opportunity

Akatsuki Enterprise was founded in year 2009 as Partnership Company. Mainly focus on Japan product retailing (licensee). As for this wholesale and retail business concept, would recommend to start up with NEW registered company instead. The company shall operate as an internet base online web store which offers service to buyers who wish to purchase and import products directly from Japan. We shall operate with automated online system at minimum manpower, ‘ZERO’ stoc k keep, implement loyalty program, and feature marketing tools.

Product / Service Description:

It is a one stop service centre to purchase and import directly from Japan makers at affordable quantity. Buyers just select product, place order, settle payment, and view order status. We shall handle the rest of the miserable procedure i.e. looking for new maker, looking for products requested by buyers, negotiate with makers, arrange shipment, receive and distribution item to buyers, and etc. No different charges for items and services, we include everything into ONE single price to ease our customers.

We also consider the possibility of expanding the business with showroom and minimarket/supermarket retail. We’re going to invest into R&D new hardware & software as part of preparation for new business module.

The company is currently contacted with makers from following industry:

Foods and beverages / Daily consuming product [i.e. tooth paste, body shampoo etc] / Kitchen ware and storage / Furniture / Cooking condiments and ingredients / Cleaning [i.e. carpet, floor, washing machine etc] / Laundry [i.e. laundry nets, washing powder, hanger etc] / Stationery / DIY [i.e. hardware, gardening] / Outdoor [i.e. picnic, fishing, camping] / Travel [i.e. compression bag, small bottle etc] / Mobile device accessories [i.e. iphone cable, stands, ipad screen protector etc] / Car accessories [i.e. decoration, perfume, charger for mobile device etc] / Bathroom / Storage / Living room / Healthcare and beauty [i.e. massage, personal grooming etc] / Cosmetic / Bento and Sushi accessories / Toys, hobbies and collections [i.e. plastic model & figure, display case etc] / Characters [i.e. Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Pokemon etc] / Nursing product [i.e. patient, elder etc] / Gifts [i.e. Maneki Neko etc]

Business Opportunity:

The company shall aim to operate in minimum operation cost and maximum effort to archive following objectives: (1)” 0” stock keep, (2) Direct, (3) Alternative, (4) Transparent, (5) Easy and (6) Simple.

Revenue Model:

All business shall be done thru online system. Orders will be received and compiled until minimum quantity fulfilled. All payment shall be fully settled before seller proceeds to cut off order submission from buyers and schedule shipment from Japan to Malaysia. Highest priority will be given to order with full settlement, next is order with deposit confirmed. Any order submission without deposit / full settlement will be stored until buyer advice.

Management Team:

The company founders are experienced in Japanese product wholesale and retail, system developer, data mining, campaign/promotion/event analysis, database management, loyalty program management, Warehouse management, in-house trainer, ISO 9001 process management and system automation projects (system analysis and management).

Mr. Woon – system development, system maintenance
Ms. Chong – back office admin, data mining
Mr. Liong (Roger) – general management, marketing
Mr. Lim – communicates with Japan maker / exporter, translate Japanese to English & Chinese, warehouse management

Current Status:

Currently we had finalized our system design and ready to start development. We’re already successfully engaged with Japan exporter and Japan Makers. Theoretically, we can start business operation immediately.

Funding Milestone:

Estimate total of RM 600, 000.00 is needed for the business to operate normally for 12 months without sales (worst case):
i. RM50, 000.00 for system development and set up.
ii. RM75, 000.00 for 12 months rental + 4 months refundable deposit.
iii. RM57, 000.00 for equipments i.e. I.T., furniture, CCTV, alarm, renovation & etc.
iv. RM27, 000.00 for utilities bills i.e. electricity, water, internet access & etc.
v. RM162, 000.00 for manpower salary related spending.
vi. RM144, 000.00 for advertisement.
vii. RM6, 000.00 for other miscellaneous spending.

Business Valuation: n/a

Expected Return On Investment: n/a

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

i. FOREX; impact to profit margin / managed with pricing strategy & use USD or JPY / fallback increasing selling price / worst case: 4.20MYR 100JPY.
ii. Technical Fault (System); impact to customer satisfaction / managed with constant backup and control of database accessibility / fallback restore to older version / worst case: potentially lost of important data, system break down, legal issue, sensitive data leaking.
iii. Competitor; impact to market share & profit / managed with new business mode thru consistent R&D, product & service development and loyalty program, create BLUE OCEAN and explore WHITE SPACE / fallback increasing cost to retain existing customer and difficulty to get new customer / worst case: Massive decrease of market share and possibility lost of loyal customer, fall into endless price competition (RED OCEAN).

Exit Strategies:

Estimate ROI within 36 months. We would like to offer yearly dividend payout of 20% from net profit for first 5 years and 10% from net profit for 6th year onwards. We’re willing to listen to any suggestion with respect and serious consideration.


Roger Liong (
Company Name: Akatsuki Enterprise
Postal Address : 03-00,medan suria, off jalan tuanku munawir
State : negeri sembilan
Post Code : 70000
Country : malaysia
Telephone : N/A
Website : N/A
Mobile: 0165535551

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