Project Title Jireh’s Hope – Impact driven publication that features social enterprises, NGOs, CSR, and sustainable initiatives in Malaysia.
Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM3,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We exclusively feature social enterprises, NGOs, and sustainable initiatives.

As we grow our reader base, we want to work with big brands to feature their CSR initiatives.

Business Opportunity Public limited companies spend millions on CSR initiatives. They publish this information publicly through their annual & sustainability reports. However, this information is rarely available when you perform a general Google search. This is a missed opportunity for the brands themselves.

We’re growing a reader base that has an interest in social & environmentally conscious initiatives. As such, we hope to create featured written & video (in the future) content for such brands. By doing so, we hope to drive more value to their CSR initiatives, and thus, strengthen brand loyalty.

Currently there are over 900 publicly listed companies in Malaysia. It’s mandatory for them to have sustainable initiatives. We could potentially end up working & creating content for all these companies.

Revenue / Business Model We have a free model where we create content for NGOs & SEs. The articles are written by our team, and published without their approval.

We charge big brands & companies to create specialised & featured content. Brands that pay for articles/video will have more control over the tone & the content in general. Furthermore, we’ll also tailor it to maximise branding value. We’ll also run social media ads to provide max. exposure for the created content.

We want to start charging brands Rm500 for a start but we can increase this price as the brand grows. We can eventually charge anywhere from RM2,500 – 6,000 depending on the reader base.

Management Team Ajay – Founder, Writer & Web Developer
Abigail Tan – Freelance Writer
Jo Ee Hoo – Freelance Social media manager
Company Background Started this on 5th December 2017. Been operational for the past 7 months. Generated close to 40K PAGE VIEWS.

The focus has been on page views as we want to get the word out there. We’re actively reaching out to brands & companies at the moment.

Funding Milestone We’re asking for RM125K for 16% in the company. This money would be used primarily for digital marketing, hiring 1 full time writer, and a team of freelance writers. We plan to hit 250K page views end of first year. And realistically, we hope to write 40 paid articles for our clients. Best case scenario we charge clients RM2,500 per article.
Company Name Jireh’s Hope
Business Address Palmville Resort Condo,, Bandar Sunway
Contact Person Ajay Madhukar Sepuri