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We offer a range of full/part-time opportunities for recently graduated and experienced individuals to be part of our team

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Young Graduates

Bring your talent, knowledge, passion and aspiration to CAPITAL and build an extraordinary career delivering tangible value for organizations and communities.

Business Analysts are the junior-most members of our team and typically join us directly from universities. We provide comprehensive training to all our Business Analysts and fully integrate them into client projects from the outset, allowing them to grow and develop into playing a crucial role on project teams by conducting analysis, developing recommendations and engaging directly with entrepreneurs and other clients. We do not look for particular degree subjects when hiring Business Analysts, though some business or finance experience is preferred.

Business Adviser, Financial Consultant, Career Banker / ex-Banker, Private Investor, Businessman/women, Industry and Marketing Specialist …

Become an Associate Partner and monetized your experience, network and mentoring skills!!

You can capitalize on the high reputation and profile of CAPITAL to help client companies to enhance their business models and marketing plans and offer advice on the changes necessary to raise growth capital and ensure successful plan implementation.

Our aim is to build a professional network of relationships with trusted advisors. One of the ways we do that is by continually involving our network of professional relationships with new clients and projects. As the relationships grow, evolve, and change, we always look for opportunities to create a win-win-win between the individuals, the companies, and the business we engage.


At CAPITAL, we offer project and permanent work opportunities with our vast network of clients, which range from start-ups to large companies across all industries. We leverage our industry expertise and personal service to find you projects that fit your background, skills and interest. As an employer / business partner, we offer a wide range of flexible and competitive initiatives and working arrangements, aimed at creating an inclusive working environment in which all employees / business partners are able to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

How to apply

Interested candidates please submit your application to us directly together with a copy of your CV / company profile. In your application, we would like to know:

  • Why you want to join CAPITAL
  • What you would like to achieve through a career at / partnership with CAPITAL
  • What you can contribute to our team

Thank you

William Tan
Global Bridge Capital inc.

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