JuanTribe Inc.—a ‘brick n click’ ecommerce start-up, Philippine

JuanTribe Inc.—a ‘brick n click’ ecommerce start-up, Philippine


The new kid on the electronic block, JuanTribe Inc.—a ‘brick n click’ ecommerce start-up company that offers that aims to position itself to become the market leader in offering companies the ability to sell their products, present bills and receive payment electronically and consumers to buy and pay for the dues online.

JuanTribe Inc. will address the consumer’s desire to have one destination cater their every need. Company revenues will be generated from two specific resources: (1) Multi-tiered commission for receiving payments. If merchant partners receive more than the base amount per month, they’re eligible to apply for a Merchant Rate—which lowers their fees as their sales volume increases. (2) Rate per transaction commissions. (3) Sale of sponsorship packages for premier site placement. The Company will develop and market its own branded storefront service.


JuanTribe Inc. will provide a comprehensive set of valued added consumer services that will be specifically catered to our audience and product sponsors. These services include: JuanBill.com—is an online and offline EBPP (Electronic bill presentment and payment). It is a form of electronic billing in which a company presents (sends) its bills and customers pay these electronically Online and Offline.

Future Brands

o MartJuan
o JuanMarketPlace
o Inday.ph / Dodong.ph


JuanBill.com aims to be a leading solution provider and operator of an Electronic Service Delivery Network (ESDN) and Electronic Bills Presentment and Payment (EBPP) System, platforms that allows organizations to reach out to their target audiences. JuanBill.com intends to strategically put up stations and/or kiosks nationwide, where the users will have convenient access to more than a hundred services, including bills payment, prepaid reloading, hotel and resorts reservation, flight and cruise reservation and etc.

* Note: Full Business Plan Ready


Jeremy Lloyd de Jesus
email: jeremylloyddejesus@gmail.com
Mobile: 63 917 908 9362
Phone: 02 907 4551