KC carries out the business of financing the purchase of shares of listed companies, those approved for listing pursuant to a corporate exercise and quotations on Bursa Malaysia. We also provide clients with the added services of financing new securities made available in corporate exercises. These include Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS), private placements, rights issue exercises, merger and acquisition financing and structured financing against quoted shares and/ or properties as collateral.

KC is regulated under the Moneylenders Act 1951.

Equity Financing

We offer equity financing solutions for retail and institutional investors. Financing is offered through the following corporate exercises that has been approved by relevant regulators.

IPOs – Financing shares of companies approved for listing by Securities Commision persuant to its listing on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

Employee Shares Option Scheme (ESOS) – Financing of new shares for eligible employees to exercise the ESOS allocation.

Private Placement – Financing existing and new ordinary shares of listed companies pursuant to the company’s private placement exercise.

Special Issue – Financing of shares made available from a special issue exercise.

Warrants and Loan Stocks – Share financing for the subscription of warrants and loan stocks.

Reverse Take Over/ Back Door Listing – Financing shares of RTO and back door listing exercises.

Rights Issue – Financing the subscription of rights issue shares.

Offer for Sale – Shares financing for a block of shares belonging to existing shareholders that have been offered to the public for subscription

Islamic Factoring

Factoring refers to a method of financing sales invoices in order to obtain immediate cash advance. It benefits clients’ business by increasing sales and profit margins, improved cash flow, obtained additional working capital for business expansion, reduced cost of managing credit and collection and no collateral required.

With Kenanga’s factoring services, our client’s business can be better managed with prompt approvals and turnaround time for drawdown.

We offer Islamic Factoring that is Shariah compliant and provides cash advances against factored invoice, purchase order or local order for goods that have been delivered or services that have been completed or rendered.

In addition, we also provide the following services to facilitate the factoring process:-

Letter of Undertaking as payment guarantee to the appointed supplier
Letter of Support on financial assistance to any eligible contractor and supplier for project tendering purposes
Structured Financing

Structured financing are structured deals against quoted shares and /or properties as collateral with firm repayment plan.

We provide financing solutions through a wide variety of individually tailored corporate and leverage finance products. Structured financing clients will also obtain access to the expertise of a dedicated team to help structure and execute the transaction so they can achieve the proposed deal within the required timelines.

Clients are also able to leverage on comprehensive expertise within the Kenanga Group to support their equity capital market, debt capital markets and risk solutions requirements.


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Nazim ariff
3 years ago

Kenanga capital ada membjat pinjaman perniagaan ke.. Term nya macamana? Syarikat dalam bidang Perkhidmatan Pembersihan. Ssm baru 1tahun setengah. Perlukan modal pusingan dalam 20k..bayaran balik melalui bulanan. Kalau ada boleh tahu cara nak apply. Nama sya Nazim dari Nazariff Contractor