Current Status Concept / Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM500,000.00
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Nazrie (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, also known as NMSB is the pioneer in the designing of unique small scale Hydroelectric power plant which runs using Kinetics Technologies. In the field of hydro-electrics designs, much will depend on the availability of sufficient water flow and on the height of falling water besides the requirement of a large impoundment of water. These limitations has affected the widespread construction of hydro-electric plants. In contrast, using Kinetics Technology, which is patent pending by Nazrie (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., the construction of hydro-electric plant will rely on source of Ndb mechanism and water. Further more, Kinetic Technology does not depend on hydrology assessments to assess the potential power via the height and flow rate (Q m/sec) which is done on conventional hydro-electric power plant. In short, using Kinetic Technology opens the scope to wider use of hydro-electric plants.

Additionally, under the governance of Sustainable Energy Authority Malaysia (SEDA) Renewable Energy Act 2011, Hydro-electric business will benefit on 21 years of guarantee income by virtue of the fact that electricity can be sold to Public Utility Firms. Risk of marketability will taken away from the equation.

One of the virtue of using Kinetic Technology power is the elimination of penstock requirements. No huge space is required and environmental and territorial disputes are avoided. Further more, the power plant can be built closer to TNB sub-stations which will ultimately reduce transmission line cost.

Business Opportunity In supplying society with energy, a balance must be struck between competitiveness, security of supply, and the environment. No single energy source is optimal from all dimensions. But Kinetic Hydroelectric Power Plant is optimal from all dimension due to its design breakthrough and proudly to be declare a Malaysian Patent pending product. Its has a vast market opportunity in rural and estate areas especially existing big Power industries failing to fulfill due to its Initial investment and Kinetic Hydroelectric Power Plant is design to cater for such market. Easily success of initial prototype can be forecast minimum of 10 Kinetic Hydroelectric Power Plant demand in SABAH & SARAWAK will be needed.
Revenue / Business Model Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA Malaysia) is giving Feed-in Tariff (FiT) whereby 0.26 cent p/kwh which is govern by Renewable Energy Act 2011. So based on 2 Mw, prototype we are earning Ex. 2000Kwh x 24Hrs x 30 days x 0.26 cent = RM374,400.00 gross income on monthly basis.
Management Team Muhammad Nazri (CEO & Managing Director)….
2008: Graduated from AIMS in B.eng (Mechatronics).
2000: Graduated from TAFE in Adv Dip on Engineering (Electrical/Electronic).

2002 to Present :.
Dual responsibility taking care of my own business (NMSB) and employed as Sr. Product Engineer at (MOTOROLA / FREESCALE / NXP) reports into US business organization. Core responsibilities to enhance yield, CWATY, unit cost via engaging various engineering, design & marketing team across the world US, France, China & Malaysia to deliver great results via innovative solutions.

Eight Technical Excellence Award in various projects.
Prestigious Diamond Chip award on outstanding project (Low Cost Faraday Cage).
Four KAIZEN project on cost reduction & productivity improvement.

Ir. T. Prabakaran Rajah (Project Manager)….
Nottingham Trent University (1988-1992)
Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering – BEng (Hons.)
Herriot Watts University (2007-2009)
Post Graduate Msc in Project Management (Construction Management).
Professional Bodies:
Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) since 1999.
Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) since 2000.
Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia (STM) since 2001. (up to 275kV Voltage system)
GBI (Green Building Index) Member (MGBC) No. GBIF/0321 since Sept 2010.
Certified Energy Manager (CEM) for Energy Efficiency (STM) since 2010
Registered Chartered Engineer with (IET), UK since 2011.

Past Experience:
Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (1994–2003)
Manager – Transmission and Substation (2002– 2003)
Project Engineer – Transmission and Substation (2000- 2002)
Design Engineer – Substation (1994–2000)

Terry Yap (Marketing Manager)…
1972 – Graduated from Cranfield with a B.Eng in Aeronautics.
1973: Started a direct sales company by the name of Fortiss. He was Involved in planning and marketing of consumer use products throughout Malaysia.

Company Background 2013
Jan – Design Breakthrough.
April – None Disclosure agreement Prepared for Patent Filing.
May – Meet En Edisham [Deputy Director SEDA] to share our RE intention.
Sept – Official Patent Filing done in MYIPO.
Oct – Meet Dato’ Prof Dr Hj Abdul Rahman on forestry land matter in his Office.

Massive re-engineering work and factory assessment were explored during this period to significantly cut construction cost and design cost to cater for smaller prototype within Nazrie (M) Sdn. Bhd affordability!

Jan –
Meet Pn Norzila (PKNS) Sr. Buz Dev Head for funding opportunity. But She had refer us to Worldwide Holdings on our matter.
Meet En Azman (Worldwide Holdings) and doesn’t materialize since needed supporting letter from accredited body such as SRIM to certified.
Presented to SIRIM renewable energy research center technical team.
Received L.O.I from Public Listed company to venture in Kinetic Power plant. under condition sell the Patent Rights off record discussion! Ref Appendix
Received favorable respond from SIRIM.
April to Dec [On – Hold due to raising funding to kick start]

Funding Milestone Budget
Hydro Component:-
2 Mw Generator
In-house Transformer
Switch Gear
DC Supply
Transmission Cable –
Erection & Installation of equipment.
Shipping Ex-Site Ampang
Kaplan turbine
All the above as one lump sum RM5,495,400.00

Approval Cost
Power Systems Studies (PSS) 60,000
Connection Confirmation Check (CCC) 2,000
Grid Parity & Displaced Cost 2,000
State Government & SEDA Quota 100,000
Subtotal RM164,000

Building Construction
Consultant Civil 40,000
Consultant M&E 16,800
Civil Work 500,000
M&E Work 280,000
Road Work 35,000
Kinetic Mechanism 850,000
Subtotal RM1,721,800.00

Total EXPENSES RM7,381,200

% Equity Allocation 40% and negotiable we just need support of 1st running prototype funding.
Expected ROI Less than 5 years
Risks and Mitigation The key breakthrough here is the Kinetics mechanism and the Civil + M&E structure which is costing about 2.5 Million. Therefore, upon the Kinetics mechanism is been installed and tested than other expenses can be kick in. Which significantly making the investment risk lower by 66%.
Exit Strategies Anytime upon the Kinetics mechanism is been installed and tested.
Company Name Nazrie (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
Business Address A-5-9 Empire Tower,SS16/1, Subang Jaya,47500 Selangor, Malaysia
Contact Person Mr. Nazrie