Current Status Concept / Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM1,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Provide a platform for connecting resident and house service merchant. The easier way for resident to get the nearby house service merchant information and they can compare the prices of services. House service provider get their advertising effect on their business and easy to get new customer from our platform.
Business Opportunity There are the limitation for residents to get the information of house service provider around them. Residents lack of bargain of power and sometime they don’t know where to get the information. House service provider less of advertising effect to their business around their service area.
Revenue / Business Model Advertising income and merchant feature popup.
-Feature revenue getting from package K2, K3 & H, K1 is for free.
-We provide banner advertising on our website.
Advertising income start after a year from starting the business. We have to get to the target of a specific amount of users in our website only get the advertising income. The income of merchant feature popup estimate will start after half year.
Management Team Hiew Richard is a fresh graduate from Multimedia University. 3-month of internship working experience with local firm. Simulation business project experience from the study assignment. Have the idea to startup the business and has the strong sense of responsibility for the business. Critical thinking and possess excellent planning skill.
Gan See Yeong completed his Bsc Software Engineering from KBU college it affiliated to Nottingham Trent University. 4 years experience in software development, project involve Employee Gift Award System for Bottega Veneta Hong Kong, Hong Kong Elderly Home System, Singapore Exhibitors Management System. Form his software house company in 2017.
Company Background KKKHouse is a startup company in Malaysia on October 2017.
Funding Milestone RM400,000
(Salaries, rental, marketing, office expenses, operation expenses, website maintenance, software development)
% Equity Allocation 8%
Company Name KKKHOUSE
Business Address 41, Jln Ikhtiari 2, Tmn Ikhtiari
Contact Person Hiew Richard


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