A simple and convenient tool to help students to improve learning by 15% to 25% at the little cost of $25 is undeniably a good choice. US alone has 15 million college students. Diamond buried at the bottom of a mountain are nothing but stones (our product, Knowledge NoteBook is not known to its vast customers yet), we need resources to bring its awareness and value to its customers. In the end, all stakeholders benefit from it. Google consistently ranks our student software, Knowledge NoteBook, as one of the top guys in the field. For instance:

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Product – Knowledge NoteBook

A continuously evolving learning tool for students.
At the basic level, it’s a note-taking tool;
At the sophisticated level, it’s a study and research tool;
At the higher intellectual level, it promotes logical and critical thinking.

Platform-wise, both web and downloadable.

Long Term Goal

Becoming a key learning tool player in the global education/learning market.
Market size: US alone is $325 billion according to Forbes.

Financial Possibility of 2013: Total Projected Revenue for 2013 ranges from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000

Evolving Business Model and Game Plan

A) Give college students a super simple way to capture class notes over the web (hence supporting all devices as well). See the following screen shot, http://www.knowledgenotebook.com/Screenshots/lazymode.png

B) Once they are “hooked” get them to use the full version (downloadable hybrid) KN software, once we truly gain great traction with them, sell to their institutions.

C) Have another e-commerce website running to support third party e-commerce platforms to leverage hundreds of affiliates to sell for us, keep some revenue come in, good for investors’ confidence…(http://www.knowledgenotebk.com/)

D) Selling to the consumers in large.

Intended Use of Investment

For a minimum of $50k Investment
Campus marketing $7000
1. Marketing materials: $2000
2. Hiring students: $3000
one student team of 3 members / @$15/h, 1 week = 225, w x 4 = 900, bonus/m = 100, $1000/m
(2 paid teams for $3000 budget runs for 6 weeks).

3. Website promo: $1000
4. Software enhancement contractor: $1000

Operation $40800 (6 month)
1. Founder, $6000 / month: $36000
2. Car rental: $400/m: $2400

Misc. $2400
Total: $49,800

With $50k investment we have some room for maneuvers, and it increases the odds of achieving objectives, however, at the end of 2012 cash flow would be negative $14,368.

With $100k or even more investment, we would most likely be able to iterate faster and make the product to reach 70% to 80% acceptance rate by end of Fall 2012, and equally important the reach of the product would be much wider and extensive, and the network effects would kick in… then, we would be in a better position to sell to higher education institutions for the spring and fall semesters of 2013. Also, the relations established via LinkedIn would kick in at right time, which would facilitate deals.

Investments made so far: About 400k. Of which less than 10% are promised equity to relatives for their financial contributions.

* The subject domain is “learning”. Graduated from one of the top 20 universities in China.

* Technical skills
15+ years of IT industry experience as a software designer and developer including experience with Booz.Allen & Hamilton (a world class IT giant). When worked as a consultant for a DC firm back a while ago, a project manager asked my project manager, Andrew Palmer, to “trade” me for three of his consultants, what do you think?

Expected Rate of Return: greater than x5. A Method to Mitigate Investment Risk is to tie equity percentage to performance

Contact Information
Chunshen Li
3164 Berry Lane, #119
Roanoke, VA 24018
donli@knowledgenotebook.com / donli@yahoo.com
Skype: knowledgenotebook; 540 491 0769

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