The company is a join venture with Korean company CCOR for research on marine ornamental fish breed and has success with 200+ type of fish for thank breed and plan to form an integrated farm for marine fish thank breed at Malaysia. Currently have business P/O for 5 years period from Korean company and are looking for loan/investment or any type of fund ( 3 Million ) to fulfill ther project.

Executive Summary

The fundamental of this project are to develop and increase of marine fish by breeding/farming due to trading amount is increase by yearly because of the demand on global market for marine fish and more countries are imposing strict marine environment protection. Therefore this project will be one of the major industries in Malaysia.

In the community aquaria, fish species having the soothing effect of aquaria is of immense geographical distribution. Fish has been kept in variety of importance to relieve pressures of today’s urban life. Receptacles including bowels, glass tanks etc. According The ornamental fish keeping is a popular hobby which is to psychiatrists, placing aquaria with ornamental fishes in gradually replacing outdoor leisure activities and it is the the patient’s vicinity could treat certain type of mental second most hobby after photography . The number of disorders . public aquaria displaying coral reef organisms is on the The marine ornamental fish trade has a significant rise and the size of display tank is also steadily increasing role in the economy of developed and developing.

World wide, approximately 1.5 to 2 billion people keep countries both as a foreign exchange earner and as a marine aquaria, with 6, 00,000 households in the United source of employment.

The world ornamental fish States alone. trade is about 4.5 billion US $. The United tropical in nature and is broadly divided into two major States of America alone imports ornamental fishes worth sectors based on the groups (i.e.) fish and invertebrates. more than 500 million US $. In Holland, 20% of the houses Marine ornamental fishes are collected from the dynamic maintain ornamental fishes, 14 % in UK, 8 % in USA, 5 % coral ecosystem. The fantastic shapes, brilliant colors in Germany and 4 % in Belgium and Italy. Asia is the and fascinating patterns of marine ornamental fishes major exporting region accounting for 56% of the global have won the hearts of millions of people and hence they exports.. Among freshwater countries recently, contributing only 2% of the Asian ornamental fishes, around 90% are farmed and reproduced export. while 10% are collected from the wild, but in the case of There is an urgent need to develop marine ornamental fish, about 95% is collected from the aquaria in all possible areas to conduct research on wild.

Current market status are 70% under supply by collecting in sea and 30% still shortage because of conservation of marine resources by each country. The major export countries Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand are still collecting from the sea and don’t have export country of Marine fish by tank breed. This project will be a fist in the asia and also in Malaysia to breed the Marine fish by tank. By using technology, the Marine fish are breed in the tank which is support by some system that apply for water treatment to treat the sea water before supply to aquarium tank.

The project determined that breeding and farming by tank which are 5 kind of ornamental fish in first stage is Clark’s Clownfish, Ocellaris Clownfish, Saddleback Clownfish, Maroon Clownfish and Yellow Kuda Seahorse. Currently we are receive the P.O from JS Trade, Korea company which is required 300,000 fishes for a year by each stated fish.

The company will be a project owner which is share by 3 directors and in initial stage will be 20 ~ 38 staff in this company. xxxx and CCORA are will be joint to make computer rice breeding and farming the marine fish and the technology for breeding will bring by CCORA from Korea. xxxxx are already invest RM100,000.00 for R&D on Marine Breeding project with CCORA company and success with prawn, Crab, Crawn fish, Turban and others by supported Mr.No sum ( Professor of marine college ).

The contribution from this marine fish project able to provide a platform for more research into marine farming technology which will increase national competitive power neighboring countries. By this project will know-how on the marine farming technology, information sharing with government, agencies and universities and also able to create job opportunities in Malaysia. This will be a education and training industries for the next generation to get more knowledgment on marine fish breeding and farming by this project.

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