Recipe for Success
Laksa Shark has been the talk of the nation when it venture into the Food and Beverage industry in 2003. It has successfully established its brand name in Malaysia by virtue of its authentic and original lakso……..
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A Taste of Laksa Shack

A Humble Beginning……. Truly Traditional Malaysian Delicacies

What is Laksa?
It is ‘ten thousand’ as there are many condiments added to make up this very special recipe. This Southeast Asian quick service concoction is said to be the creation of ancient Chinese who migrated to Malaysia, and it is served as a meal from thousands of soup vendors, all of whom, have their own special recipe

It has a humble beginning. Laksa Shack® was first launched in 2003. Sierra Circle Sdn Bhd, the operating company was established with the view of tapping into the country’s lucrative specialty food and beverage retail business at selected high traffic locations in the Klang Valley

Its maiden “shack” was established at a renown suburban mall, 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya serving a variety of local delicacies, specialty coffee and laksa noodles which became its signature must-try offering. Laksa Shack® currently has 20 “shacks” in Malaysia and has plans to open more shacks locally and abroad. The founder, Anita has since trademarked and registered the brand

Dishing Out Truly Traditional Malaysian Delicacies
Take your pick from our Everyone’s Favorites, Anytime Favorites, and Strictly for Sharing. Choices from a variety of noodles with different soups rice with choice of meat, all from our authentic home-cooked delights, mouth-watering sweets and selection of hot and chilled beverages.

Laksa Shack Franchise….
Why it is the best choice

Strong Business Model
The Laksa Shack® franchise offers a strong business model for our franchisees and potential franchisees who are looking for a good investment or business opportunity that provides stable and continuous returns
It has an easily adopted turnkey business model and you can start almost immediately without hassles

A popular brand name with existing customers

A proven operating system

Economies of scale in supply, quality and cost containment

Ready support in continuous product development, advertising & promotions, and training

New Store Opening
Franchisee will be provided with comprehensive training and support in developing the “shack” including site selection, “shack” development and opening

Ongoing Franchise Support
Includes ongoing staff training, product development, advertising & promotion campaigns and assistance, and business support such as accounting & control systems

A proven business with strong profitable track record
The Laksa Shack® chain has proven to be profitable & viable in Malaysia since its inception. The “Shacks” continues to grow strongly
The Future of Laksa Shack

In the world of retail and franchise marketing, the rule is to be different. Laksa Shack’s business philosophy is built upon this and hence the company is constantly assessing its growth strategies and reviewing future plans aimed to extend the business reach and revenue. Among these are innovative concepts such as :-

Laksa Shack Delivery Service
Laksa Shack Retail Market
Laksa Shack Catering Services
Dietary Laksa Market
F&B HR Industry Training
Laksa Shack’s Vending Machine
The Global Potential of Laksa

The potential of the laksa market is seen not just in Malaysia but also in other countries in the world. There has yet to be a LAKSA SHACK concept, a concept that will be a hit internationally and become the talk of the world. Noodles with spicy flavoured curries have gained acceptance by all people from all races, cultures and ethnicity. We believe out Laksa will definitely be a star in the global food industry. Laksa Shack has spread its wings further and will always be on the move to promote laksa as a global food.

Come share Its Success

Laksa Shack passionately invites suitable entrepreneurs and companies to share its success by owing Laksa Shack cafe’s and be among the franhcisees of the system with reasonable investment and generous returns. The franchisees will enjoy the full benefit of the Laksa Shack system supported by a team of experts and a supportive franchisor.