Project Cost: RM4,000,000.00

Amount Invested : -NIL-

Amount Required : RM4,000,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

restaurants / f&b
others (Entertainment)

Project Stage: seed

Company History:

The company is founded by Cheng Zian Loong and See Wei Quan from Ipoh. Both the founder have identified the need for a big and happening event spot to host big parties in Ipoh. Both the founders have been patronizing few nightclubs in Ipoh and have noticed that the services offered are too monotonous. The founders have further identified the wants and needs of people aged 18-35. The aim of the business is to create the very ultimate party for our target market and will develop the premise into the ultimate hangout spot for our target market. We will also feature exceptional service at a regular price.

Product / Service Description:

Warehouse entertainment will feature a whopping 33,600 sq ft premise, housing 1000 party people at a time. We will develop the place into the ultimate destination for students or working adults to let of some steam after a tiring/stressful day at work. Every now and then, we will feature guest artist appearances to boost up the reputation of the club. Currently, we will one of the only three large nightclubs in the city and we boast of the largest dance floor you can get in the city. We emphasize on attention on details and we are keen on providing exceptional details. As such, one of our services will include free shuttle service using golf buggy from parking spot to our premise.

Business Opportunity:

As of now, the problems faced by nightclubs in Ipoh is the limitation of space. Especially on high occupancy days, it is almost impossible to get a spot at either one of the large nightclubs in Ipoh. As a result, people often sought smaller nightclubs or bars to hangout. Often, people call off the idea due to smaller nightclub being less happening. We plan to house all the big parties in our premise where everyone can enjoy the company of the crowd.
Other than parties, we will also provide space for events such as product launching and private parties.

Revenue Model:

The business will depend upon admission fees, sale of food and beverages, and also event charges of events held in the premise as our main source of generating income.

Management Team:

Other than the two founders, the management team will also include a club adviser. The club adviser has more than 10 years of experience as adviser in various clubs around the city. The two founders have rich experience in sales and marketing as well as F&B services.

Current Status:

Currently we have identified the location and have engaged contractors to our development. We are humbly seeking a RM4mil investment to start off our project. Business is expected to commence on December 2014 if we could get the funding in time

Funding Milestone: n/a

Business Valuation: n/a

Expected Return On Investment:

We projected a 40% return of investment to investors by end of 2nd year, followed by a 25% return of investment every consecutive year until the sale of company.

Investment Risk and Mitigation: n/a

Exit Strategies: n/a


Cheng Zian Loong (
Company Name: Warehouse Entertainment
Postal Address : No.7 Lebuh Raya Taman Tasek, Taman Tasek Baru, Ipoh
State : Perak
Post Code : 31400
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : -NIL-
Website : -NIL-
Mobile: 016-5427960


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