Le Ann Maxima Franchise Opportunity

Le Ann Maxima Franchise Opportunity

Le Ann Maxima is a trendy ready-to wear women’s boutique store with an elegant flare. We make high street fashion available for every woman who wants to look fabulous without having to worry about her purse being pinched.


Welcome to Le Ann Maxima Franchise Opportunity,
A business venture like no other.

Le Ann Maxima is a trendy ready-to wear women’s boutique store with an elegant flare.
We make high street fashion available for every woman who wants to look fabulous without having to worry about her purse being pinched. With more than seven years experience in designing, manufacturing and exporting fashion wear to Europe, the United States, Middle East and Asia, E-Maxim fashion is now making its exclusive and exquisite Le Ann Maxima fashion pieces available on a global scale. And now you can be a part of this business venture.

Be it at work or spending a romantic night out; whether at a café with friends or simply out painting the town red, Le Ann Maxima has everything a confident and fashionable modern woman might ever need.

Our in-house designers lovingly and meticulously craft the most exclusive of women’s designs on a monthly basis through four main clothing lines: Office Wear, Ladies Wear, Evening Wear and Casual Basics. A wonderful blend of cutting-edge style and comfort, Le Ann Maxima’s trend setting collections are designed to compliment every woman’s wardrobe, making the ‘Maxima Woman’ the envy of every other.

At Le Ann Maxima, fashion is not simply business, it’s a celebration of life. If you want to strut your stuff in the fashion business world, read on, and discover the outstanding franchise opportunity that can help you become Le Ann Maxima’s next Fashion-Forward Entrepreneur.

Business Opportunity


Our efficient business system and superb support will nurture your fashion entrepreneurship talent and help you access outstanding opportunities. The excellent franchise owner support services you will receive include:

The System

You are awarded the franchise to use Le Ann Maxima’s intellectual property including its name, trademarks, proprietary information, operating system, training procedures and all other aspects of our unique franchise system. Plus, our Flexible Stock Intake System (FSIS) will cater to your exclusive store’s geographic and demographic coverage.

Site Selection

Site selection is the most important factor in operating a successful franchise unit, and identifying the appropriate location is our top priority. We will provide you with detailed guidelines for choosing your site, and will perform detailed evaluations before approving a final location.


Comprehensive classroom training takes place at our corporate training center and will include system, administrative, operational, sales/marketing and similar matters. Prior to and immediately following your store’s grand opening, a Le Ann Maxima trainer will provide on-site training to help you achieve a smooth business launch. In-store trend setting, fashion, display and system maintenance training will also be given periodically to you and your employees.


Business OpportunityOperational Support

Ongoing operational support includes unit operations and maintenance, POS software ongoing support, customer-service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, administrative procedures and much more. The lines of communication will remain open – we’re just a phone call or an e-mail away, and you will receive periodic visits from our field representative.

Marketing Support

You will promote your exclusive store under the established Le Ann Maxima brand and logo and we will certainly guide you to help introduce your store and give it immediate visibility. We coordinate unified gifts and VIP promotion exercises for your store to attract and focus on the right set of clientele. Furthermore, we will also develop advertising materials and engage local and overseas popular media and exhibitions as part of the Le Ann Maxima’s long term marketing strategy to maximize brand exposure. Features and highlights of each exclusive store will also be highlighted in our website.

Fashion Expert Support

For the past eight years Le Ann Maxima has made millions of women look beautiful, making us true fashion experts. With our fashion trend, fabrication and creative expertise, you can rest assure that we are able to guide you through this exciting business in satisfying your customers. We provide fashion and style consultations to you and even to your customers from our interactive website services.


Le Ann Maxima’s franchise opportunity is available for the following estimated costs.
Single Unit Franchise: The Franchisee has the right to develop one store. The franchise fee is RM39,000.00.


Franchise Fee RM 39,000.00
Initial Investment RM195,800.00 to RM391,350.00
Working Capital RM40,000.00 to RM80,000.00

Please understand that these are estimates only and will vary with location.
The difference between low or high investment levels exists because of varying store sizes, real estate costs and relevant expenses to develop one store.
The low amount of working capital given represents estimated expenses to maintain minimum operations without any sales for two months, where the high-end represents four months of a more conservative estimate.

We are looking to award franchises to a select group of qualified individuals. You might be among them. To begin your fashion entrepreneurship success with us, just follow these easy steps:

Business Opportunity1. Ask Questions

After you have read the materials in this package, make a list of questions concerning our franchise program. Please call us to review any questions you may have, and to further discuss bringing a Le Ann Maxima franchise to your area. You may find more information on our website at www.leannmaxima.com

2. Complete the Application

Complete the enclosed Confidential Franchise Application (CFA) form and return it to our office. The CFA provides essential information that will be used to assist you in the process of investing in our franchise opportunity. Submitting this form will not obligate you, and all information is held in strict confidence. Your completed CFA shows that you have more than casual interest in our program, and it helps us determine the market and financing methods that will best fit your needs. We will review your application and contact you with recommendations on how to proceed with your decision.

3. Attend Discovery Day

After your CFA has been approved, we will cordially invite you to visit our head quarters in person, or to attend a Discovery Day to learn first-hand about our company. While there, you will see a Le Ann Maxima model unit and you will learn the many facets of our franchise system. This visit should be scheduled through our office, and we ask that you provide at least one-week notice prior to finalizing your plans to ensure that all key personnel are available to meet with you.

4. Make Your Decision

Seek assistance in making your decision. Consider talking to a franchise solicitor, or an accountant familiar with franchising – outsiders who can provide you with facts and figures about our industry or about starting a business. When you have done your homework, make your decision. To join us, simply complete and sign the Franchise Agreement and remit your franchise fee. We are available to help you through this entire process and will help you open your new franchise unit successfully.