LEAFA (Less Energy All Fresh Air) Technology

LEAFA (Less Energy All Fresh Air) Technology

Project Cost: USD 35 Million

Amount Invested : USD 150 Thousand

Amount Required : USD 34.7 Million

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time

others (green technology)

Project Stage:
early expansion


Company History:

1. Inventor-

The inventor is from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-KSA, Engineer/ Adel Nasir AL-Ansari, Owner of BARDA Establishment since 1992. BARDA is a company working in the field of Central Air Conditioning (AC) system Maintenance and Contracting. BARDA for more than 20 years has done quite number of midsized commercial and residential Central Air Conditioning Projects and became expert in dealing with customer need specially in Air Conditioning – related to air distribution. BARDA’s owner has designed a lot of AC system projects for different application in which had been constructed by BARDA. As result of more than 25 years’ experience in AC system designing and implementations BARDA’s owner discover that the buildings can be Air Conditioned to the same desired conditioned as per the standard of ASHRAE or any local standard using total ventilation (100%) fresh air consuming less energy than circulating the building’s air.

2. BITS Design-

This is a company formed in Malaysia, KL , 2013 by the Inventor and another individual Mechanical Engineer “Mohamad Ali Zulfaqar”, Designer expert in AC system design, holding the position of director for BITS Design Company (see his attached talent profile). BITS Design Company is the only certified design office to do LEAFA AC system customized and commercial design.

3. University Chair-

King Abdullah University of Science & Technology – KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia is a university where a scientific chair by the name of LEAFATEC with value of USD 20 million will be established for 5 years 2014-2018. This scientific chair is donated by the Inventor from the IP royalty Fee. The purpose of the chair is to conduct several applications, mostly related to LEAFA District Cooling & Open Area Cooling. The inventor as chair’s donator is suggesting applying sponsored applications in KAUST community area to be used as simulation for other city’s application i.e. Makkah, Madina, Kuala Lumpur etc. KAUST applications should be for the outdoor areas i.e. “Discovery Square” and “Street’s of SAFA or GARDEN District”. After KAUST’s applications the Inventor will move to other outside applications i.e. to cool MAKKAH Holy Mosque “MATAF” and MAKKAH Streets around HARAM, “Abbraj Al Bait Area” – Jyaad District. Also Inventor will sponsor to apply LEAFA AC system for selected building within MAKKAH where the CO2 level is higher than (1500) ppm- the limit set by the World Health Organization- WHO- due to the present of people’s crowd (more occupants during Hajj season). All applications are to bring solution in reducing the pollution improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) and controlling the outdoor condition to be suitable and healthier for people.

Product / Service Description:

LEAFA is a new technology for building Air Conditioning (AC). It is to cool the buildings with an existing/ normal AC system, but using the open cycle air distribution instead of close cycle. It means Building Air Conditioning with total ventilation- 100% Fresh Air. LEAFA stands for Less Energy All (100%) Fresh Air. The current – non LEAFA- AC system has the fresh air only as a makeup normally as per standard 10% – 20% according to the building airflow usage. Current practice show that the amount of energy is proportional increase with amount of outdoor fresh air added into the space. LEAFA design and products will introduce less energy or AC unit’s capacity for the same building or area going to be conditioned and same load while using 100 % fresh air to cool the building.


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