The essence of Learn Haj 3D is about rules, visual, orientation, timing, recitations, actions and experience of the pilgrimage. The best technology to cover the essences above is Virtual Reality. Learn Haj 3D is an interactive Virtual Reality technology in the form of a 3D game running on ubiquitous mobile technology such as Android and designed using Experiential Design methodology, running in either standalone or networked environment. With Learn Haj 3D for Android, everyone can learn Haj effectively, interactively and in-depth, everywhere, anytime, by oneself or with many people in a network and via self learning or with online instructor.

Hajj3D is a 3D game designed to teach Hajj and Umrah. Initially it will be available on Windows PC platform and will expand to Android, iOS and console platforms. There will be 3 versions of Hajj3D: (1) Hajj3D Free covers only Umrah and is Advertisement sponsored, (2) Hajj3D Custom covers whole of Hajj and basic ziarah, will sell at US$9.99 per download, (3) Hajj3D Premium is the main product with multiple languages, high detail 3D, network with friends & online Hajj instructors and many more extras, will sell at US$19.99.

Contact Information

Hajj3D (
Telephone : 019-7127304
Company: V Heart Tech Sdn Bhd
Address: 19, Desa Seri Setia, Salak Tinggi, Sepang 43900, Selangor
Year Established: 2011