This proposal entails in the Design & Development, Testing & Commissioning, Manufacture & Fabrication of The Liquid Detergent Vending Machine for its subsequent commercialisation with the concept for the consumer, entrepreneur, commercial & industrial as well as for social and environmental benefits.

The Marketing & Promotional Pitch

What problems can we solve and what solutions can we provide? We can provide solutions for problem faced by the:-

1. General Customers & Consumers,
2. Aspiring Entrepreneurs,
3. Manufacturing & Industrialist Sector,
4. Environment & Society….., ALL in one GO….!

The Value Proposition of the LDVM concept

1. Our Unique Selling Proposition,
2. True Value-for-Money to consumer,
3. Customer Option to blend products at no further cost to them,
4. The ‘Wow-Factor’.


1. Project Title: The Liquid Detergent Vending Machine (LDVM) –

2. Project Objective: To design, fabricate & test the prototype model of the Liquid Detergent Vending Machine. The ultimate objective is to introduce this technologically innovative LDVM into the market place for commercialisation purposes.

3. Project Description: The Project entails in the Design & Development of the LDVM for its subsequent Commercialisation for Consumer, Entrepreneur, Commercial & Industrial as well as for Social & Environmental benefits.

4. Methodology: The design, fabrication & testing of the Detergent Blending Vessel System that is to be fully incorporated with other working components of the LDVM, all to be housed into a design exterior form.

5. Project Milestone: For the design & development stage of the Liquid Detergent Vending Machine, it is envisage that a period of not exceeding six (6) months is required to realise the final prototype model of the LDVM.

6. Technical Risk: Hardly any technical risk is envisage considering the simplicity or the LDVM concept with regard to its specifications, the design criteria & innovative technology involved, particularly involving the key component of the machine – i.e. The Blending Vessel System.

7. Technology Benchmarking: It can be considered that the LDVM conc pt have somewhat set a benchmark in terms of technological innovation to dispense ‘unfinished’ liquid detergent via the vending machine format, that is unprecedented.

8. Market Size & Demand: Everyone are potential customers for the end-products to be dispensed via the LDVM business model format. The market size locally & globally is humungous. There is a great need for this business concept considering the multiple benefits the LDVM technology have to offer to all, including for benefits to the environment pollution control.

9. Market & Financial Risks: A minimal commercialisation risk is expected to occur considering the absence of any competitor in this business concept. The financial returns even during the commercialisation stage can be self-funding thereby eliminating any financial risk to further proceed onto the progress stages.

10. Product Competitiveness: Having the potential to set a precedent in the technologically innovative LDVM business concept, thus competition (other than the current conventional retail outlets) is apparently absent, with the market left totally for the taking.

11. Potential Revenue Generated: As far-fetched as it may appear, a conservative financial projection to the tune of exceeding RM 200,000,000/= as potential revenue can be generated within less five (5) years after the initial commercialisation stage, and with only a fraction of the said potential revenue is required to finance at the commercialisation stage.

12. Commercial Strategy: The initial target market shall be the segmentation of consumers dwelling in high-rise buildings cum high-density areas A considerable promotional budget shall be set aside to invoke awareness and response of consumers as to the benefits to be enjoyed, as well as to the authorities and general public as to the contribution of this LDVM concept in combating environmental pollution.

Other Notes:

1. We have already registered for Patent & Intellectual Property Rights for this Technology Innovative Invention at the Kuala Lumpur Patent Office or MyIPO. Thus, no Technology Acquisition whatsoever is required to pursue into this business venture.

2. The investment risk is minimal since the goodwill-value of our Intellectual Property Rights is priceless, should any exit strategy is considered.

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