Private equity can be a risky but also very rewarding form of investment

Private equity investment is not risk free, far from it, but the financial and personal rewards cannot be matched in any other investment market. It provides an opportunity to add skills, experience and contacts to growing companies, at a stage when such support is most needed.

If you are thinking of becoming a Business Angel Investor then CAPITAL can help you to enter the private equity market. You should be able to spend a bit of time with your companies, and back your own judgement, you have the opportunity to go on the Board, if you want, and to be paid for it – in cash and/or shares.

Find a business that is just right for you

CAPITAL will regularly present you with quality investment proposal across a full range of sectors in the region with no obligation. You can decide what types of industries or ventures interest you, the level of involvement you want, the business experience and expertise you can bring to the table, complementary resources and networks, and any other factors which can contribute to a successful venture.

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Once approved, you are able to enjoy all the benefits listed in “Investor Services” section free of charge, plus email alerts and personal introduction to quality investment opportunities NOT listed on CAPITAL website, as the business owner prefer to remain anonymous and is only interested to deal with “quality” Investors only.

* Risk Warning: Investing in unlisted companies (particularly start-ups and early stage) is a high risk – high return investment strategy and carries significant risks including; illiquidity, loss of capital, rarity of dividends and dilution. It should only form part a balanced investment portfolio and is targeted at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand the risks involved and are capable of making their own investment decisions. Unless specifically instructed (at a fee), it is not our duty to verify the authenticity of the Entrepreneur or the project listed here. Please read our disclaimer statement before proceed.

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