Current StatusPre-Revenue
Amount InvestedRM1,500,000
Funding RequiredRM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
DescriptionIn light of the shortage of affordable homes in Pahang, the State has allocated land to meet the demands of the public. We are dedicated to provide affordable homes under the PR1MA Housing Scheme.
Business OpportunityPahang has received a lot of economic attention due to the New Deep Water Terminal and the ECRL. This will create a much needed stimulus for the Pahang State that will trickle down to the general public, therein lies the opportunity. With greater spending power, huge room for development and growth, the property market across Pahang will see a boom in the years moving forward.
Revenue / Business ModelWe expect to generate cash flow within 6 months. We have registered 150 qualified and interested buyers for our homes; Priced at RM 150,000, amounting to RM 22,500,000. A no-brainer investment for a cookie cutter project.
Management TeamWe have over 50 years of combined experience in the property development industry, both public and private housing.
Company BackgroundWe have already obtained planning permission from Majlis Lipis, awaiting building plan submission and AP/DL before we see cashflow.
Funding MilestoneTotal capital expenditure is RM 3,000,000 upfront.

To be paid to consultant:

RM 500,000 upon JV agreement with Pahang State
RM 250,000 upon approval of building plan
RM 500,000 upon approval of Developer’s License
RM 500,000 upon approval of amended layout
RM 500,000 upon 20% sales of properties
RM 500,000 upon 40% sales of properties
% Equity Allocation15
Expected ROI50%
Risks and MitigationRisk 1: Failure to obtain the necessary approvals required to proceed with project

Mitigation: Guarantee by Consultant stated in agreement, in case where projects fails to move forward, any and all investments made will be compensated.

Risk 2: Sales numbers

Mitigation: Support of local koperasi to finance the 10% deposit required for down payment. This will increase the attractiveness of our project as there will be 0 down payment required.

Risk 3: Cash flow to return investors

Mitigation: Use of bridging loan to cover our cash flow.
Exit StrategiesBuyback of shares, capital fully returned by end of June 2019.
Monthly payment of interest starting July 2019, up till project completion, total 50% over 18 months or less.
Company NameProvops Sdn Bhd
Business Address22 Jalan Dagang 12, Taman Dagang Jaya, 68000 Ampang, Selangor
Contact PersonEdward Tee
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