Project Title I have developed a natural oil which kills pain in minutes. Can be used for muscles, joints, and other aches. Shows amazing results and I have many customer testimonials to back that statement up with.
Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested Rm 40,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description This product has sold over 10,000 pieces in the past year and that is without any high level marketing or advertising. Just be word of mouth. Imagine the number of sales if there was an investment which could allow advertising and marketing to the right consumer.
Joint and muscle pain is one of the most common pains associated with elder folk and people who are heavy. This product works fast and is very effective. The cost of production is very low compared to the profit which could be be reaped.
Business Opportunity This product can be the next big pain killer. It really starts to show effects immediately. It has been tested and proven. I have many customer testimonials from around the world. I have exported to over 10 countries. The market is huge considering most individuals suffer from muscle and joint pain as soon as they hit the age of 40+ and also people who are heavier than average. Just have to massage this oil on the area of pain for a few minutes and instantly they feel relief from the agonizing pain.
Revenue / Business Model By using the funds to do high level marketing and advertising for this product, it will for sure be a success. Not only in Malaysia or Asia, but all around the world. Again, the cost of production is low and the profit could be extremely great. Profits could be seen within months.
Management Team A smart marketing director would be needed. Also individuals to handle orders and delivery.
Company Background Started November 2014. Investment made to date is RM 40,000. Have profited over RM 90,000. Have exported to multiple countries. Get orders all the time from people who have used it or hear about it.
Funding Milestone RM 100,000 would be sufficient enough to start with. Then how much you invest depends on how big of a business you would like it to be.
% Equity Allocation 75
Expected ROI Difficult to say but can be discussed
Risks and Mitigation Very low risk because of cheap price of production.
Exit Strategies I don’t think any investor investing in this product will need an exit strategy. The sky is the limit with this product because of its efficiency. But can be discussed.
Company Name Magic Joint
Business Address Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Ali Hoosein
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3 years ago

Magic joint was first introduced in Malaysia and had been a sucess run for several years until it moved to UK for marketing reasons.

I wish there is a marketing agent who handled this product in Malaysia and take responsibility to market and keep stock of the product at all times

I am true believer and have been using magic joint for my knee which gave pain when I am praying. Luckily the joint pain is completely disappeared and I am now free to walk around without using walking stick. My fear now is that that the pain may come back to hound me and I have no stock left to fight it. Will you be able to help me to get the stock for me?

Thank you