Mahir Permai – Energy Drinking Water System

Mahir Permai – Energy Drinking Water System

Company stage: Prototype ready and market ready (Given 9980 schools nationwide, revenue is projected RM84 million)
Organisation chart: Currently 2 founders & 1 manager
Shareholding structure
1. Yap Eng Ho (50%)
2. Mohd Syahfizal b Md Zainudin (50%)

Business description
Mahir Permai Sdn Bhd is a company setup to undertake this project with the Ministry of Education.
i Mahir Permai is addressing a national need in that there is no free drinking water in public schools.
ii Moreover there is also a national concern by Ministry of Health that school children are fast becoming obese and diabetic.
iii Mahir Permai has proposed to the Ministry of Education to supply Energy Drinking Water System to all primary and secondary schools in Malaysia.
iv There are a total of 9,980 primary and secondary schools under the Ministry’s purview.

Our Product -Energy Drinking Water System

How does it work?
i Plug & play concept – Municipal water is piped into our system and the water will be filtered into drinking water quality
ii Robust and hardy – made of 100% stainless steel
iii Made in Malaysia (90%)
iv Electricity free
v Acts as a notice board – Educational materials can be printed onto our water system
vi Free 24 months of Maintenance and Upkeep
vii Water is tested by accredited labs, namely Consolidated Lab (KL) & Spectrum Laboratories (Penang).

Target customers are prioritized i Primarily, Federal Government or Ministry of Education ii State Governments iii Yayasan or NGOs iv Corporate Social Responsibility Program/Initiatives

Management Team
1. Yap Eng Ho – Founder
2. Mohd Syahfizal b Md Zainudin – co-Founder
3. Roles: Jointly develop the product and create a market requirement
4. Contribution: Monetary, network , product development, proposals & marketing
5. Yap Eng Ho – Formerly with Public Bank, and extensive business network with contractors and suppliers.
6. Mohd Syahfizal – Formerly Head of Corporate of PNS. Extensive business network with government

Funding Requirements

Funding required – RM1,000,000
Use of proceeds – Mainly downpayments plus other operational expenses
Equity interest exchange – negotiable
Exit strategy – Buy back
Funding history – Founders’ fundings of not less than RM350K

Mahir Permai Sdn Bhd is a Special Purpose Vehicle Company set up to undertake projects. As such, Mahir Permai does not have any historic financial records and even if it does, it does not reflect it true position.

Contact Information
Yap Eng Ho
h/p: 016-6616884

Mahir Permai Sdn Bhd
23 Jln BPU 8 Bandar Puchang Utama, 47100 Puchong , Selangor Darul Ehsan