Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd Discretionary Trading Services

Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd Discretionary Trading Services

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM150K
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description We are a business division of Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd that specializes in Equity Portfolio Management Services for sophisticated investors who has the financial resources to invest in the stock market but do not have the resources in terms of expertise and time to devise, manage and construct an equity portfolio that generates consistent returns from the stock market.

Based on our back-testing records, we managed to achieve investment returns above 25.0% for year 2015 and 2016, respectively and for 2017, some of our portfolios are sitting from 4.0% to near 10.0% net investment gains at this current juncture.

Business Opportunity For the past 20 years, statistics have shown that most mutual funds or multiple investment services in the financial industry has failed to outperform their respective benchmark indices or generate consistent and sustainable investment returns for their investors owing to the structural issue that regulators have imposed on the investment management players and the relatively high cost of investments for their financial products.

We recognize this persistent problem that is engulfing the industry and created a solution to the benefit of our investors. Our structure eradicates the high cost structure by removing the management fees and sales charges which is common in most mutual fund products as we have created a low cost model and we have also built our own ideal portfolio composition and holdings, which plays a significant role in the performance of most investment products that is available in the financial industry.

Here we are targeting SME business owners, corporate owners, directors, High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, cooperatives, government agencies to participate in our services to optimize their financial resources and diversify their wealth by investing into companies/sectors that is different from the sectors that they have high investment exposure.

Meanwhile, we also offer three types of portfolio that cater to the diverse needs of our market segments, namely Aggressive, Moderate and Conservative, with each having their respective portfolio composition, selection of stocks, degree of volatility and investment returns expectations (dividend + capital appreciation or 100.0% capital appreciation).

Revenue / Business Model We place a lot of emphasis on our fundamental research in selecting small, middle and large capitalization companies/stocks that displays strong earnings growth coupled with healthy balance sheet (with an improving equity position, less or no gearing, preferably those with strong cash flow visibility) and companies that will continue to post strong earnings growth over the next 3-4 quarters or so. The nature of earnings growth must be meaningful and not due to one off events such as disposal of property, plant or equipment or financial assets but rather expansion of a new product line, diversification into a new market segment and many more.

Once we have identified these companies, we will keep them into our monitoring list to watch for potential development in terms of prices, technical analysis and market psychology by using our proprietary technical approach. For each and every position that we take, we aim to achieve returns of at least 3.0-5.0x higher than our cost as we place a strong emphasis in our risk to reward assessment and we seek to compound our investment gains over time so our investors could benefit not just from several investment positions but consistent performance of winning investment positions over a relatively long period of time.

Management Team Ryan Lim
Experience in Investment Banking, Corporate Finance and Equities Research before spearheading this new business division under Malacca Securities, specializing in fundamental and technical research, equity portfolio management and portfolio restructuring.I also have two team members that assist me with day to day fundamental research and equity portfolio management.
Company Background Our company has been in the stockbroking business for more than 50 years in Malaysia and our company is well backed by its sister company, Scientex Berhad, which is owned by the Lim family in Malaysia. The family is also one of the top richest family in Malaysia.
Funding Milestone We have not achieved any milestone at this current juncture because this is the area where we are still lacking. Hence, we would really like to speak with potential investors that appreciate our value proposition.
% Equity Allocation 100
Expected ROI 15-25% Per Annum
Risks and Mitigation We have a strict stop loss policy in every investment position that we take. This is to ensure that our clients do not suffer substantial losses on their investment principal and by implementing this, we would also manage to protect our investment gains over time. This is one of the most crucial component in our portfolio management and we adopt a no-nonsense approach when it comes to this section.
Exit Strategies Investors can simply withdraw their capital.
Company Name Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd
Business Address No 58A & 60A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS2/67, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact Person Ryan Lim