To assist Malaysian entrepreneurs in obtaining credit / financing facilities for the purpose of setting up or expanding existing Malaysian restaurants overseas.

The financing may cover:

  • Opening of new restaurant overseas
  • Expansion of existing restaurant or opening of new branches, and
  • Development of Malaysian food “franchises” internationally.


Malaysian owned and / or controlled companies with minimum shareholding of 51% either incorporated in Malaysia or in the country of operation.

Related working experience of either one (1) year in managing overseas restaurant or three (3) years locally. However, if the applicant applies through Myfranchise Sdn bhd, the requirement is waived.

Open to Malaysian owned franchise.

Margin of Financing
Up to 90% of project cost, inclusive of three (3) months working capital.

Up to five (5) years from date of first disbursement, inclusive of grace period.

Grace period
Up to nine (9) months from date of first disbursement which consist of:
3 months payment holiday; followed by
6 months of interest servicing

Profit/Interest Rate
At 3.0% per annum based on monthly rest.
Currency Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

Repayment shall be made in monthly installments.

Special Conditions/ Eligibility
The restaurant must serve Malaysian food, defined as food that is traditionally and customarily consumed by Malaysians.

The following security may be acceptable but not limited to:

  • Debentures;
  • Landed property with reasonable value;
  • General Investment Account;
  • Cash Collateral.


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