Mission: To be the largest and most popular event listing portal for everyone in Malaysia

Company Status

EVENTS was founded in January 2011 and our business is online advertising. It is currently a Sole-Proprietorship, which will be converted into Private Limited Company (limited by shares) upon successful funding. Our principal office is located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Our company is at the start-up stage of business, having just finished developing our portal. The next process is commercialization (advertising and marketing), which requires funding from investor(s). The funds received will allow us to promote and create awareness of our website throughout Malaysia using radio, television, newspaper and online news website.

We also intend to promote our service to our government.

Our Service

Our company, through our portal provides low cost advertisement solution for event organisers who do not have large budget to promote their event to the public. By listing their event on our portal, organisers can reach more people out there especially those with specific interest/passion but do not know events around them that match their interest/passion

Our portal serves small to medium ad market which has been ignored by other types of media (radio, television, newspaper) in Malaysia.

Our portal address is http://www.events.net.my

Our Customers

Our customers will be small to medium event organisers. Large organisers may use our portal to complement their marketing effort.


Revenue will come from:
1) Event Listing Services – estimated RM15,000 per month
2) Banner Advertisement – estimated RM45,000 per month

Banner advertisement will be our major source of revenue (75%)


We have no direct competition in Malaysia, but there are alternatives to our service in the marketplace, which is the traditional media. However, we have a strong competitive advantage because of our low cost service due to non-physical business nature (online business).


The greatest risks we have in our business today are:
. Low entry barriers – Portal is easily replicated
. Weak brand name – Our portal is not popular enough to the public

Management Team

Our team has the following members to achieve our plan. 5 men and women who have a combined 27 years of experience; 5 years in marketing, 2 years in product development, and 20 years in consultancy.

Capital Requirements

We seek around RM600,000 which will enable us to execute nationwide promotion programme. The investor will have 49% of equity in the business. In 2 years we will provide an exit, which we expect to be in the form of distribution of profits.

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