Current StatusGrowth
Amount InvestedRM32,000,000.00
Funding RequiredRM5,000,000 or more
DescriptionWe are an establish hotel owners in Maldives and are looking to expand our hotels and be a hotel chain company. 
Being awarded for best city hotel from Trip advisor, Agoda and Maldives ministry of travel, we are looking for build and expand our hotels.
Business OpportunityWe are looking for investors who wants to own their own hotel in Maldives.

Maldives has a shortage of hotels. With a 5 to 10 percent increase in tourist every year there is a great opportunity for high returns.

We will source the best lands available for you and do all the necessary documents and procedures as we have a close relationship with the government officials.
Revenue / Business ModelWhy we say that this is a mid high return investment.
The ROI is about 20% to 30% per Annam. 

Due to low overheads and high returns.

You make money from room rates, F&B and all water activities.

For a 50 unit city hotel you can expect to make RM350,000.00 to Rm500,000.00 a month.

We only charge 5% of gross sales as our service to run the hotel for the investors.
Management TeamTan Ho Chong (CEO) – 15 years in the Property industry
Albert Lee (Director) – 40 years of experience in Maldives from construction and hotel line
Leow Su Lin (Lawyer) – In house lawyer
Ali Riaz (Director) – Maldivian counterpart, an architect well versed with Maldivian Regulatory framework
Ahmed Smaih (Director) -Maldivian counterpart, hotel management with many awards for best hotel management company
Eddie Lee (Director) – Civil engineer with expertise in construction management
Joel Lim (Director) – Sales and enquires
Company BackgroundArena Hotel was established in 2012 and started operating its hotel in 2013.
Today Arena Hotel has 150 rooms in Maldives, Maafushi. 
Through out the 4 years we have been operating we have been named best city hotel by Agoda, Trip Advisor and also by the Maldivian Tourist Ministry.

Our occupancy all year round is about 90%.

Now the local government has approached us to expand and build more hotels with the similar concept. They will assist us with getting the prime lands. But we need funds to build these hotels.
Funding MilestoneIt depends on the investors on how many rooms they want for their own hotel.

For 50 rooms the total investment is about Rm16,000,000.00
100 rooms is about RM30,000,000.00
and for 150 rooms is about RM43,000,000.00
% Equity Allocation100% the hotel will belong to you
Expected ROI20% to 35% a year
Risks and MitigationLow risk as we are targeting mid income tourist
We only need 20% percent room occupancy to break even as the overhead is very low.
With our hotel branding and hotel management system we have yet to go below 85% occupancy rating
Exit StrategiesIt only takes 3 to 4 years to recover your initial investment. and it can be a great monthly cash generator for any investors but if the investors want to exit early the best time to sell the hotel will be after 2 to 3 years of operation.
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