Manpower Supply to Oilfield Industry, Sabah

Manpower Supply to Oilfield Industry, Sabah

Project Cost: RM500,000

Amount Invested : RM30,000

Amount Required : RM470,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Advisor)

Industry: engineering

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

The company, United Consultant Limited, was founded by three young entrepreneurs who have experiences in Human Resource Management, Palm Oil Plantation, Engineering & Information Technology.

Product / Service Description:

United Consultant Limited is currently doing business in Foreign Worker Legalization from Palm Oil Plantation workers to Expatriate. With our skills in Human Resource Management, there is a big opportunities and advantage of the company in Oil & Gas industry. The first approach will be supplying & managing manpower to the oil & gas industry and with the skills that our key personnel have in oil & gas industry, we believe that getting the project should be much easier.

Business Opportunity:

If petroleum is still available on this planet, the oil & gas industry would grow.

Revenue Model:

The project includes two areas, the first one is Shutdown for the plant and the second one is maintenance. United Consultant Limited will be supplying and managing the manpower required for both project (this includes paying the salary of the manpower). After 15 days, the company will invoice the Main Contractor for the expenses, especially on the salary of each manpower. The company will get its profit from the main contractor doing the maintenance and shutdown of the plant.

Management Team:

The management team is lead by myself as the Managing Director, one Executive Director who supervised the development & progress of the project, one Operation/Technical Director who responsible to supervised the workers once the project starts, one Marketing Director who looks for other opportunities, also in oil & gas industry for other services such as scaffolding services and other engineering services, one General Manager who handle more on the legal and heading the administration and also human resource department. This management team is supported by a group of staff which covers the area of administration, account, human resource and engineering/technical.

Current Status:

The company is waiting for further details from the main contractor on how much workers they need for each position. The project will start in April.

Funding Milestone:

1st Month: Requires 480k for operational cost and salary of the workers.
2nd Month and the following month: The money will start to roll back and profit is expected in the 2nd month.

Business Valuation: n/a

Expected Return On Investment:

2 times the funding amount and will be paid 2 times every 6 months.
So, example 200k, return will be 400k.

Investment Risk and Mitigation: n/a

Exit Strategies:

If the project failed, the investor will be paid the same amount of money that have been invested.


Danny Jimi (
Company Name: United Consultant Limited
Postal Address : Lot 37, 1st Floor, University Plaza Jalan Sulaman
State : Sabah
Post Code : 88450
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 088491154
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Mobile: 0168298297