Mayban Ventures Sdn Bhd (“Mayban Ventures”) is a private equity management company whose shareholders are Malayan Banking Berhad (70%) and Aseambankers Malaysia Berhad (30%). The company which was incorporated in February 1993 is licensed/registered with Securities Commission of Malaysia.

Being part of the growing private equity investment community, we pool capital from institutional and high networth investors to fund and manage portfolios of privately held investments.

Mayban Ventures manages several private equity funds which invest in companies who need long-term risk capital to finance new projects and business expansion, including risk capital to restructure and turnaround distressed companies opportunities for the funds’ investors to participate in the enhanced value of such companies after completion of such exercise.

As partner and manager in an investee company, Mayban Ventures works towards realising an above average returns for all shareholders in the investee company. During the investment holding’s period, Mayban Ventures will assist its investee company in mapping strategic directions, provide corporate and business development services and access other forms of funding and services available within the Malayan Banking Group.

In principle, Mayban Ventures encourages and acts to accelerate growth such that the investee company will attain the size and enable it to access other sources of funds particularly, public funds. When the investee company has reached such size and stage, Mayban Ventures will invoke steps for investors to realise their investment through 3 options i.e. the stock exchange, to a third party known as trade sale or a sell back to the other shareholders as may be agreed at the outset. Thus far Mayban Ventures has successfully invested in more than 40 companies in Malaysia.

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1 year ago

As a representative for Lavender Valley ( Temerloh) Sdn Bhd, we are looking for injection of 10M USD as we already appointed by Pahang State Government to manage and leverage on the abundant mineral resources to entrench the state to be part of the global supply chain for emerging green technologies.

The investment of 10M USD would be cover the Upstream Mineral Processing & Refining, Renewable Energy Development & Generation, Global Supply Chain Development, Education & Research and lastly Manufacturing process.

As a single operator appointed by Pahang State, we have an abundant of 100M MT(confirmed by Minister Report) of bauxites mineral to process and export in 5 years due time plus 30 years of mining contract for 8,000 acres at Bukit Goh. With 10M USD for injection we have a good payback term to propose, that will accumulate to 30M USD in 5 years.

If you wish to have a meeting for presentation, please let us know as we could bring all the supporting documents, contracts and business plan.

Thank you for your consideration.


Adam Z.
Lavender Valley (Temerloh) Sdn Bhd.