Project Cost: 300,000

Amount Invested : 15,000

Amount Required : 285,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management; strategy; finance; sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor; others (Sleeping partner)

Industry: others (Education)

Project Stage: concept; start-up

Information Memorandum:

Our main concept is to provide high quality education service to our students. We would like to educate more responsible and know-what students to improve the mechanical business in Malaysia. We will provide them the SKM 1,2,3 and the City & Guilds certificate for graduate students. Not only that, we are also importer of car scanner, whereby we will giving training to our distributors and end user where no other car scanner provider doing it. We wish to expand our business to whole Malaysia with this academy and opening more Tayar,Car maintenance branch to our top students to operate, by then we can keep expanding our business not only in Education, but also in terms of car maintenance business and car scanner supplier.

To start up with this business, we need to have few equipments, books in place which will will quite big modal to purchase in order to train our students in academy part, this will cost at least RM90,000. Location and the size of the shop is part of the issue.To get a strategic location in Penang, the monthly rental fees might cost RM8000.
Capital for the company – RM100,000 (for 2 years)- Teacher salary, expenses, furnitures, and other assets
Stock for Car scanner – RM30,000
This are just a rough figures, however, we are strongly believe that this business will be very profitable in the long run due to we have more network connections and business idea to be reached after this.

Contact Information

Jace Phoon Long Kwan (

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