Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 10,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description This is an outdoor media service platform, we we look to bring and help business to gain spot and awareness to the public ,
Business Opportunity The way i see it if we gain business owner trust and feeddback and impact is good to them, the market is very vast, concerning small medium even big cooperation .

because we are sort of introduction their business or services to the masses. this will help they gain recognition, awareness at the public to boost their revenues.

Revenue / Business Model its basically pretty straight forward method. For example we gather all small and medium scale business , create them a service platform whereby we scheduled theirs flyers distribution. areas of the location we have it, because we are the distributor of nstp . newspaper company . here is a brief sample how we make money :

(lowest target probability) flyers distribution program. weekly execution friday saturday sunday
we charge per flyers 0.05 cent.
we have 10 client distributing 10 000 flyers
total amounting 10 client x 10 000 flyers x rm 0.05 per flyers = RM 5000 sales weekly

execution cost

manpower 3 person . Daily Salary Rm 60 .
3 days manpower : Rm 60 x 3 days x 3 manpower : RM 540
Petrol and machinery cost during the period : 200
total cost to execute the task : RM740

revenue RM 5000 – 740 = RM 4260 Weekly.

Management Team The company is manage by me. i have one assitant doing the secetarial work . filling , invoice to client. marketing (basically perform internet marketing to capture client.)

i have a team of part timers who help doing the ground work aswell. base on projects.

we have client already , running and past completed projects , jobs and task.

Company Background This is a service business created by me the founder and the owner of the company in January 2015. We do outdoor distribution and installation advertising material such as flyers , bunting , pamphlets and also we distribute free copies of nation own newspaper berita harian , new strait times and harian metro.

we reach out clients businesses owner to reach to the public. we have the specific list of area in klang valley, that we could advise our client depending on their market and demand of the business.

Funding Milestone we would like to have capital to exactly for us do again access performing the task competently . Right form marketing arm to the ground work process.

we would to have at least a buffer of investment enabling ask to buy assests . and expand to a bigger bigger task team.

we would like to have amount of funding of RM 1000 00. this will enable us look professional enable client trust, getting more job big scale or small scale.

on the third quarter of the business , we could gain back the investment made.

% Equity Allocation 40
Risks and Mitigation risk is not having job. but we are trully dedicated that we got get more jobs by having investors
Exit Strategies all investment made will be return or i forfeit all my share.
Company Name xxxx Enterprise
Business Address lot 1 – 16 Tkt 1 Anggerik Mall. Sekyen 14 , 4000 Shah Alam Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Contact Person Nabawi Yassin
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