‘Mee Kari Ketam’@ Curry Crab Noodle New Stage expansion

‘Mee Kari Ketam’@ Curry Crab Noodle New Stage expansion

Project Cost: RM1mil

Amount Invested : RM150k

Amount Required : RM850k

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: restaurants / f&b

Project Stage: second stage expansion


Company History:

Open 1st stall in Kampung Baru Kuala Lumpur, name ‘Mee Kari Ketam Kuala Lumpur’ in early 2010. July 2010 moving to Shah Alam seksyen 7 to have proper small restaurant. In 2012, open new branch in Dato Keramat Kuala Lumpur. We created new food culture for Kuala Lumpur ‘Mee Kari Ketam’@ Curry Crab Noodle

Product / Service Description:

We only sell the signature dish only now, so we plan to expand the menu, more varieties of seafood…we need to renovate our restaurant, kitchen, to have more space for chair and tables…need to bring in new cook, stuff and managment team.

Business Opportunity:

From the beginning, not much people know yet what we are selling…sales quite slow. We start to do efficient marketing strategy like we invite news paper reporter to try our dishes, then it became famous. So far media who already cover us TV3 (*Malaysia Hari Ini/Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan/Wanita Hari Ini) TV9 (*Nasi Lemak Kopi O/Dj Fuzz) NTV7 (Breakfast Show/Food Segment/Berbuka Puasa *slot) TV2 (*Morning Show) Local News Paper NST/The Star/Berita Harian/Utusan Malaysia/Sinar Harian/Harian Metro Magazine Keluarga/Dara/Rasa/Rapi

Revenue Model:

Maintain the food quality and keep on promoting.
2.Social Media: promote in Facebook.
3.Invite reporter

Management Team:

Me and my twins brother. both of us manage the restaurant. we have crew members who we train to cook and to assist us.

Current Status:

With small capital, we only can have small profit and survive. pay the labour, invoice and expenses.

Funding Milestone:

We want to renovate and expand the menu. Do a lot of promotion.
Our plan we want to do our own segment in tv.
Start with 13 Episod,”Catch and Cook with Restaurant Mee Ketam KL” ..each 1/2 an hour episode we going to catch by ourself fish, crab, prawn, lobster and seafood. we bring it back and cook in our kitchen. This tv segment will hepl to increase our sales extremly.

Business Valuation:

we 51%
Investor 49%
With the investment and consult by investor, We will running all the show, we will do all the operation and marketing.

Expected Return On Investment:

Expected 80%. we will dividing net income and income taxes by proprietary equity and fixed liabilities to produce a rate of earnings on invested capital.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The business having low and no sales. We will have transparent account and can check daily using proper software.

Exit Strategies:

Investor can cash out their investment with notice and or will have the back the same amount their have invest in period. If the investor already took the ROI, thats amount is exclude.


UBAIDAH MAKMUM ( ubaisb@gmail.com)

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