Current StatusPre-Revenue
Amount InvestedRM125,000
Funding RequiredRM300,001 to RM600,000
DescriptionIn need of funder to set up new electrical home appliances shop.Mostly provide services installing and maintenance of HVAC/airconditioner and wiring jobs.
Business OpportunityHome appliances market is booming in demand. Especially air conditioner,wiring works and surveillance cameras.Either selling,installation and maintenance.Thus it will generate sustainable income/revenue.
Revenue / Business ModelProfiting in selling of electrical goods and provided maintenance services(HVAC/airconditioner,refrigerator,wiring works and surveillance cameras). In the meantime bidding on GLC/Goverment to supplying electrical goods.
Management Team1.Managing director (myself) 
* 17 years experienced in HVAC/airconditioner,wiring works,surveillance cameras and contractions works.
2.Technician (2 person) 
* both well trained and experienced 
3.Clerk(1 person) 
*posses Diploma in Accounting 
* 10 years experienced 
4.Auditor (1 person)
Company BackgroundStarted in Jun 2015,with total of own capital RM5,000 and registered as company in Jan 2016.Get funded by MARA (RM10,000) on Aug 2016.Total revenue of year 2016 is RM97,000.Buying company vehicle (4×4 double cab) total of RM113,000 for entering rural area within Sarawak (installation,wiring and electrical works).In 2017,yearly total revenue is RM238,767.In 2018,half year total revenue (Jan-Jun) is RM78,558.
Funding Milestone1.RM250,000-RM300,000
*set up new shop,renovation,dealers and 
supplier,goods order.
2.RM 65,000
*buying 1.5tons lorry (used) 
*purposed for goods delivery
% Equity Allocation25%
Expected ROI30%
Risks and MitigationThere always a risks in any business.But in this kind of business we can expected sustainable profit because it’s widely in demand and competitive market.
Exit Strategies4-5 years
Company NameMillan Trading & Telecommunications Centre
Business Address1st Floor Parent Lot 105 L10630 Airport Commercial Centre 98000 Miri Sarawak
Contact PersonMuyan jamaris
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