Project Cost: RM500,000

Amount Invested : RM10,000

Amount Required : RM490,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing
other (Engineering)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

industry products
others (Mechatronic & Robotics)

Project Stage: concept / seed


Company History:

Mechatronic Intelligent Design (MIND) was founded on 2012 officially by two friends, Mohd Zhafri bin Baharudin (25 years old) and Mohd Hazeli bin Rasul (25 years old) while being a part-time research assistant in UTM right after graduation degree in Electrical-Mechatronics at the University of Technology Malaysia. With a little amount of capital and the use of salary as a research assistant job, they develop a company that based on technology development. With experience in the field of mechatronics and robotics when participate and represent ROBOCON UTM in the national competition for 3 years during the study, this gives some confidence in us to start a company based on technology.

Product / Service Description:

MInD help you to create, design and develop any product regarding technology that involve software development(PC and mobile), electronic, mechanical, control system, embedded system and robotics from idea phase to the prototype version or end product. Instead of that we also do some R&D to develop our own range of products. Our previous clients mostly from research grant holder from UTM lecturer and various faculty (chemical, electrical, mechanical and biomedical engineering).

With enough additional funding, we are able to target larger areas such as manufacturing of machines and plant systems in the industry whether small, medium (SME/IKS) and large scale.

We also plan to create space that can provide students, engineers, makers, developers, hacker, freelancer in technology use the equipment, facilities such as 3D printers, CNC machine, laser cutting, milling & latching machine, electronic making tools & analysis and so on to develop their product and do their works by becoming our members with monthly fees. This space will be call as Automation & Robotic Studio (AR Studio). Besides they can use the facilities and tools, we also use the same thing to do our main services that been state above. Equipment will be provided free of charge to be use by the registered members, but for some raw materials (ABS filament, aluminum, iron,electronic components) must be paid by the consumer to us at a reasonable price. Members will be given exposure before using the equipment provided. Assistance from our technicians and employees will be given for the use of heavy equipment (for those with no experience).

From this service, we can identify the projects carried out by members here that have the potential to be developed and commercial through assistance and negotiations between us and members.

With complete facilities and equipment available, we are able to provide services such as seminars and workshops to educate and expose the relevant knowledge of mechanical, electronics, programming (programming) and even robotics. 1 of the advantage of this concept are registered members with experience can also help by become an facilitator/instructor for seminars and workshops.

Business Opportunity:

Various sectors and areas requiring advanced technology facilities such as mechatronic technologies which it covers all the important aspects such as electronics, control systems, mechanical, software and robotics. Among the sectors that require expertise in the field of technology as described previously as the manufacturing sector, small and medium industries, higher education institutions (research), the tourism sector, the education sector, the creative industries, and others.

The industry that also growing rapidly now are among the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), especially in the field of frozen food as well. In this industry, it requires a lot of production cost is not too high. To reduce the total cost of labor used from the beginning of the process to the packaging process, they turned to the use of a custom machine from either machine or machines available in the market. By taking clients from the SME sector, we are able to solve their problems with the value and service we provide, especially at affordable prices paid.

Automation & Robotic Studio (AR Studio) is one of the new concept that we propose to do because its have a big potential to grow in Malaysia. Because of this, we are target to transfer our business based that currently on Skudai,Johor to Kuala Lumpur or Selangor (either Bangi, Kajang, Serdang, Shah Alam) that close to the higher learning institutions, industries (small and big) and also have high population density in that area.

Revenue Model:

Base on our Business Model Canvas (BMC), we had list our revenue stream. There are 6 reasons for the revenue stream that makes customers willing to pay for it. Among them is prototype or design and function customization, open source products (open source product), the function of a product, service and price of the product, open facilities and equipment for registered members, and creative and innovative products.

Management Team:

To develop a better organization, we need to form 3 main important team which are administrative team, technology team and operating team. Administrative team will include admin, financial, and marketing & sales department. Technology team will focus on R&D department and operating team will have 3 department which mechanical, electronic, and software department.

Current Status:

Apart from two people that is fundamental to the establishment of mind, we also joined by two experts who have their own areas in the fields of computer programming and the field of design and manufacturing of electronic circuits circuit. With technology development business requires a relatively high capital, we are able to produce a gross income/ revenue of more than RM80000 in 2012 from 0 initial capital. This amount we had been used as our working capital and also our monthly expenses such as bills, office rental, initial equipment such as mechanical tooling, computer, printer & scanner, 3D printer and so on.

Funding Milestone:

Project Cost:
1) Renovation: RM100,000(est)
2) Fasilities(machine,etc) & working tools: RM100,000 (est)
3) Net Working Capital: RM300,000

Working Capital:
1) Stock, Raw material (12 month): RM60,000 (est)
2) Operating Cost (12 month): RM240,000 (est)

Profitability before investment: RM85,000

Profitability Year 1(after investment):
1) Sales :RM500,000
2) Membership fees AR Studio (RM150/month) : RM360,000 (200 members)
3) Gross Profit: RM610,000
4) Profit Before Tax: RM500,000
5) Profit After Tax: RM400,000
6) Profit Retained: RM400,000

Profitability Year 2:
1) Sales :RM750,000
2) Membership fees AR Studio (RM150/month) : RM900,000 (500 members)
3) Gross Profit: RM1,400,000
4) Profit Before Tax: RM750,000
5) Profit After Tax: RM600,000
6) Profit Retained: RM1,000,000

Profitability Year 3:
1) Sales :RM1,000,000
2) Membership fees AR Studio (RM150/month) : RM1,800,000 (1000 members)
3) Gross Profit: RM2,300,000
4) Profit Before Tax: RM1,500,000
5) Profit After Tax: RM1,200,000
6) Profit Retained: RM2,200,000

Business Valuation:
We will give 25% equity.

Expected Return On Investment:
35% ROI


Mohd Zhafri bin Baharudin (
Company Name: Mechatronic Intelligent Design (MInD)
Postal Address : 31A, Jalan Utama 43, Mutiara Business Center, Taman Mutiara Rini, Skudai
State : Johor
Post Code : 81300
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 075544075
Website :
Mobile: 0137453875


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