Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description MM-eSports is planned to be a Gaming Arena equipped with gaming PCs and Consoles.Gaming is one of the growing industry in the business at this time.eSports players and gamers earning thousands and millions by gaming.Therefore,MM-eSports would like to indulge in the eSports business.

MM-eSports :
-Gaming Tournament Organizer
-Cyber Cafe

Business Opportunity 1: There were 58 million of the so-called “eSports-enthusiasts” in 2012. In 2014 this number rose to 89 million. In 2017 145 million eSports-enthusiasts are expected worldwide.

2: 40% of all eSports-fans who are watching competitive eSports via IPTV or similar livestream services are not active players themselves. This is an indicator that eSports is developing into a so-called “spectator sport”.

3: 205 million viewers are watching eSports worldwide.

4: 13 million eSports-enthusiasts are participating in leagues and tournaments on amateur- or professional levels and are following championships or similar competitions on a regular basis.

5: 19 million eSports-enthusiasts are watching eSports, some of those are taking part in leagues and tournaments.

6: 56 million viewers are watching eSports on a regular basis.

7: 117 million viewers are watching eSports occasionally.

8: Estimates show that the eSports-market can increase its total revenue by 100%.

9: In 2012, eSports generated a revenue of $130 million. 2014, revenues increased to $194 million, in 2017 $465 million are expected in sales.

10: Considering the rapid development of eSports compared to traditional sports, annual sales within the next few years could exceed the magical mark of 1 billion USD.

11: There are 2.2 billion viewers who have a (high) interest in sports. At the same time, there are 2.1 billion gamers worldwide.

12: There are almost as many eSports-enthusiasts (89 million) as ice-hockey fans (94 million).

13: In 2017, 145 million eSports-enthusiasts are expected worldwide, which will soon rival viewers of American football (151 million).

14: In 2014, $2 were generated per eSports-fan. If compared to American football or ice-hockey (20 USD per fan). The sky is the limit!

15: eSports-enthusiasts in the US are a valuable target audience for large brands and digital media companies. Compared to the total population, eSports-enthusiasts and casual viewers have larger income, full-time jobs and consume more often. eSports-enthusiasts are more susceptible to subscribe to a Netflix or Spotify account. 29% have a budget of 100+ USD for their headset, 53% have a full-time job, 41% own an iPad and 30% have a larger income/are wealthy.

Revenue / Business Model -Registration Fees of participants (gaming tournaments)
-Audience tickets (gaming tournaments)

-Charge per hour (cyber cafe)

Management Team -Freelancer designers to design flyers,banners,posters,advertising designs
-Social Media Managers
-Tournament Organizing Team (gamers)
Company Background MM ESPORTS (JM0761677-M)

Company haven’t organize any tournament yet due to financial problems.

Owner is an author of

Funding Milestone RM 300,000

-20 Gaming PCs
-XBOX One and Playstaiton 4

Premises Renovation:

-Grand Advertising
-Social Media Advertising

% Equity Allocation Will be decided after a meeting with investors
Expected ROI -Investors will be receiving minimum of 10% dividend per annum from their capital investment.-MM-eSports will be giving free entry tickets for the investors to enjoy the esports tournaments.- Investing period for the investors are set at 3 years, after the period it is up to MM-eSports’ prerogative to continue the dividend payout or pay the full capital to the investors.
Risks and Mitigation Directly contact the owner for any enquiries on this.
Exit Strategies Sell all the available gaming PCs,consoles,sofas,tables,furnitures and others to the owners’ clients who owns and runs cyber cafes.
Company Name MM-eSports
Business Address No.2,Jalan Hang Tuah 6/2,Taman Muhibbah,86000 Kluang,Johor
Contact Person Mukesh Maran