Project Title MyPumpkin for women by women, a private transport service via mobile app dedicated for women
Current Status Startup
Amount Invested RM1,000.00
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description A mobile application delivering private car service driven by female drivers for female passengers with or without children ONLY

A platform dedicated for women to earn additional income while enabling women passengers to reach their destination safely with a peace of mind.

Newly found Malaysian based company whose aim is to provide safe, reliable, timely and convenient private car service for women by women drivers.

MyPumpkin provides this car transport service using a high technology mobile application to ensure ladies are able to travel without any doubt unlike travelling in a taxi driven by a male driver. This planned means of transportation has been established due to considering the ratio of crime involving women travelers that has been increasing.

Business Opportunity Target market will be women who do drive or those who prefer to take public transport to the office on a daily basis, airport trips or sightseeing.

The VISION of MyPumpkin is to overcome the fear and uncertainty that women sometimes encounters when getting into a male driven taxi and to provide a safe, reliable and timely cab services to women only or women with children. Aside from that, the main mission is to also to provide an opportunity for women to become a driver and earn extra income with an assurance that their passengers will only be women as well.

Wide target market including female tourist to Malaysia.

Revenue / Business Model The goal in the next 6 months is to pursue an aggressive marketing campaign to recruit women drivers who have their own car and to encourage women passengers to use the service for their own safety.

MyPumpkin will earn an income from the credit top up amount done by the drivers. a value of 20% will be deducted via the mobile app from each trip made by the driver.

Management Team Elsie Laura Arthur
Natasha De Alwis
Abel Mark Stevenson
Dennis Thomas Joseph
Company Background Founded in 2016 by two ladies, Natasha Kimberly De Alwis and Elsie Laura Arthur, both from a mixed parentage that had similar experiences and were both interested to start a service provider which prioritizes safety for women hence, MyPumpkin was founded. Taking into crime rates involving women and the lack of safety features with the current public transport service, MyPumpkin aims to provide the safest and convenient transport service for women.
Funding Milestone The main investment for this project would be the cost to build the mobile app. The estimated cost is RM300,000. The additional cost would be for the office space and running cost. Total initial investment would be RM800,000. The milestone expected to achieve with the first investment of RM500,000 is the completion of the mobile app and the remaining value would be to run the business until it stabilizes.
% Equity Allocation 40%
Expected ROI 35%
Risks and Mitigation Disagreement from existing cab service providers. To mitigate this, endorsements and supports from associations or female leaders would be required.
Example : Ministry of Tourism, National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (NAWEM), Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) or PUSPANITA

Initial refusal to change and doubt of the service. Effective marketing needs to be done to gain trust from women to utilize this service.

Exit Strategies The exit opportunity for investors would be once the mobile app is up and running and has been in operation for 3 years at least. This provides sufficient time for the business to stabilize and be well established.
Company Name NDA WORKS ENTERPRISE – 002539388-P
Business Address The Maple, Persiaran Parkview, Sentul West, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Elsie Laura Arthur
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